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   The Top Ten Polls 2006 - Vote Here!
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   Author  Thread: The Top Ten Polls 2006 - Vote Here!  (Read 60708 times)
Jim Grozier
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The leading young poetic hope of the whole planet

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Re: The Top Ten Polls 2006 - Vote Here!
« Reply #20: 08.12.06 at 14:36 »

on 08.12.06 at 12:35, naomi wrote:
Many thanks, Jim - you have made sure that two of the greats whom I wanted to include - Debussy, composer of the wonderful Pelleas, as well as superbly atmospheric songs, and Bartok, who composed an opera that I love and have seen many times, Bluebeard's Castle - make an appearance !

OK, when we get to that island you can have the operas (not my thing I'm afraid) and I'll have the rest.
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Ian Sorensen
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A King at Sunrise

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Re: The Top Ten Polls 2006 - Vote Here!
« Reply #21: 09.12.06 at 16:21 »

Ahh, the polls, the polls!
I've always had trouble with these things because I'm torn between my favourite music, favourite lyric and favourite song that combines the two. Add to that the "what it reminds me of when I was a lad" factor, and the whole thing becomes a nightmare. These TV list shows usually offer a top 100, or top 50 at least. Why must we be punished by having only 10 in our list? On the other hand, we won't have Jimmy Bloody Carr popping in his smarmy remarks between each number.
1) Faded Mansion On The Hill. I love playing this on the piano. The lyrics have a passion that is expressed through the music and song works so well as a whole. I was genuinely surprised when this came top in the first poll because I imagined it was a private pleasure that only I could appreciate.  
2) Girl on the Train. My first PA rave. I still grin every time I hear it.
3) Thirty Year Man. See that bent over back? That's me, that is.
4) Canoe. The most affecting song I know. It speaks directly to my dreams of spaceflight and the reality of the danger that any such adventure brings. A song written just for me. However, I don't much like the version on The Lakeside Sessions, preferring any of the live recordings, probably because the brush work of the drummer isn't there to irritate my ear.
5) I Feel Like Midnight. And suddenly I'm in a marquee at Monyash where the chill of the late summer evening is blamed for the shivers down my spine, while subsequent listenings reveal it's really the song that does it.
6) The Sunlight Gate. Unlike any other song I've ever tried playing. My favourite Atkin musical puzzle and the only one I never managed to work out myself. Has anyone ever told Pete he's a musical genius?
7) The Flowers and the Wine. It took decades to grow on me, but what a masterpiece of suppressed emotion it is. A movie in two minutes.
8) Errant Knight. If I have to have funny one, it may as well be a sad one too. The music is nice but nothing special, it's the lyrics that carry this. (Ballad of an Upstairs Window was second choice for this slot, with Honky-Tonk Train third.)
9) Hypertension Kid. So many great lines, such a driving tune. It won out over many others, like Shadow and the Widower and The Last Hill. But I've always had a great affection for The Kid, especially the various fills used between verses.
10) Thought of You. This one surprised me. In choosing the final song for the list I was torn between classic greats like Perfect Moments, No Dice, Wristwatch, Touch Has a Memory and so many more, yet went for the opener on Winter Spring. Why? Because when I heard it I was shocked by the guitar solo. It was unlike anything Pete had recorded before and it woke me up to the fact that he was here and now, a working musician, and not a fondly remembered comfort zone from the past. The Lakeside Sessions cleared out the dead weight of unrecorded old songs and allowed newer, fresher sounding stuff to come through.
Next time can have at least twenty choices?
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Ian Sorensen
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A King at Sunrise

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Re: The Top Ten Polls 2006 - Vote Here!
« Reply #22: 09.12.06 at 17:21 »

Top Ten non-Atkin Poll
1) 10cc. The band I would most like to have been in. Complex music, witty lyrics and their own studio. Heaven.
2) Moody Blues/ Justin Hayward. Forty years of soaring melodies and over-produced pop/rock and I still look forward to complaining about how appalling the next album will be.  
3) Steely Dan. Mostly the albums up to Aja, though their last album had some tracks that didn't rely on the same chuggalong Latin rhythm they've been over-using since Gaucho. This is jazz done by rock musicians who write great (but incomprehensible) lyrics.  
4) Supertramp. Rhythm piano! I bought a Wurlitzer electric piano just so I could thump along.
5) Del Amitri. Justin Curry's cynical love songs are a masterclass in the use of wit to wound. The best British band of the 90s and they can't get a recording contract these days.
6) Abba. In the land of perfect pop, who can beat Abba? Their tunes are all surface glitz and sparkle but the lyrics are almost Jamesian in their depiction of lost love and broken relationships.  
7) Electric Light Orchestra. The throbbing cellos, the backing vocalists' "oooooo"s and the finest examples of bombastic pop committed to vinyl. The lyrics got so much better once Jeff Lynn stopped trying to be John Lennon.
8) The Proclaimers. Irresistible, infectious vocals with words rooted in everyday life. "Even with words up the back of a bus, there was always a risk of a slap in the puss". It's great to see them making a bit of a comeback these days.  
9) Juliet Turner. A great songwriter with enough pop sensibility to lift her out of the folk circuit, but too much to say to succeed in the vacuous wasteland of the charts. I was first attracted to her songs because she sings in a Northern Irish accent instead of an affected American drawl.
10) Tom Lehrer. Poisoning Pigeons in the Park, the Masochism Tango. Need I say more? The greatest writer/performer of comic songs ever.  
And after all that, no room for my childhood hero Cliff Richard. What a cruel and unusual punishment this list-making is.
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MV Fresher

I love Midnight Voices!

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Re: The Top Ten Polls 2006 - Vote Here!
« Reply #23: 10.12.06 at 15:29 »

Best songs
1.  An Empty Table
2.  On the last Hill that shows you all the valley
3.  Between us there is nothing
4.  Carnations on the roof
5.  Girl on a train
6.  Thought of you
7.  I have to learn
8.  A thief in the night
9.  Tonight your love is over
10. Ballad of an upstairs window
1.  David Ackles
2.  Leonard Cohen
3.  Scott Walker
4.  Bob Dylan
5.  Damien Rice
6.  Janis Ian
7.  Ute Lemper
8.  Traveling Wilburys
9.  White Stripes
10. Marianne Faithfull
Merry Christmas
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Ian Chippett
MV Moderator

In the clear at over fifty-five

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Re: The Top Ten Polls 2006 - Vote Here!
« Reply #24: 10.12.06 at 19:03 »

Here's the Top Ten Songs as it stands at present: sticklers for detail will notice that there are more than ten songs but that's because three or four have the same score. It's refreshing to note that two of the songs come from Winter Spring and interesting to see that Beware of the Beautiful Stranger isn't there. Faded Mansion well out in front: can't see anything stopping it this time.
Faded Mansion on the Hill  
Between Us There is Nothing
Thirty Year Man  
A Hill Of Little Shoes  
Girl On The Train  
Thief in the Night  
Last Hill That Shows You All the Valley  
Perfect Moments  
Carnations On The Roof  
An Empty Table  
Ian C
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MV Fresher

I love Midnight Voices!

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Re: The Top Ten Polls 2006 - Vote Here!
« Reply #25: 10.12.06 at 20:59 »

Between Us There Is Nothing
Senior Citizens
Payday Evening
Flowers And The Wine
Thirty Year Man
Errant Knight
Beware Of The Beautiful Stranger
Session Man's Blues
Joni Mitchell
Elliot Smith
Country Joe
Dan Hicks
Neil Young
Steely Dan
Van Morrison
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Richard Hales
MV Fresher

Armchair Hero

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Re: The Top Ten Polls 2006 - Vote Here!
« Reply #26: 12.12.06 at 20:50 »

Perfect Moments
Between Us There is Nothing
Pay Day Evening
The Hollow and the Fluted Night
The Flowers and the Wine
The Shadow and the Widower
The Wall of Death
My Brother's Keeper
History and Geography
Prayer Against the Hitman

Miles Davis
John Martyn
Pat Metheny
Joni Mitchell
John MacLaughlin
John Mayall
Rachelle Ferrell
Diana Krall
Van Morrison
The Beatles
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MV Fellow

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Re: The Top Ten Polls 2006 - Vote Here!
« Reply #27: 12.12.06 at 21:04 »

1  Get it out of your head
2  Landscapes
3  I need new words (Tongue tied)
4  The Hypertension Kid
5  The eye of the universe
6  Payday evening
7  Femme fatale
8  Thought of you
9  Between us there is nothing
10  Just for me (Amy's blues)
That was really difficult.
I'd like to comment on them but if I don't click on SEND quickly I'll want to change something ...again.
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Chris Evans
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Re: The Top Ten Polls 2006 - Vote Here!
« Reply #28: 17.12.06 at 18:33 »

1. The Beatles
2. Brian Wilson
3. The Nits
4. Stackridge
5. Louis Philippe
6. Keith Jarrett
7. XTC
8. Robert Wyatt
9. Steve Reich
10. Gentle Giant
1. Payday Evening
2. Thirty Year Man
3. Rider To The World's End
4. Canoe
5. Sunlight Gate
6. The Last Hill That Shows You All The Valley
7. Urban Guerilla
8. The Hollow and the Fluted Night
9. Prayers Against the Hitman
10. Laughing Boy
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Ian Chippett
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In the clear at over fifty-five

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Re: The Top Ten Polls 2006 - Vote Here!
« Reply #29: 17.12.06 at 21:44 »

Quick update on the Top Ten Songs Poll: 53 different songs have been selected by various Voices and at the moment "Between Us There Is Nothing" is in Number One position but I'm sure this will change. Two weeks left, chaps.
Ian C
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Ian Ashleigh
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Carnations on the Roof

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Re: The Top Ten Polls 2006 - Vote Here!
« Reply #30: 19.12.06 at 21:27 »

Top 10 Groups
1. Fairport Convention (including Sandy Denny's work with Fotheringay and her solo work): I have loved this band since 1975, have all their vinyl and now their CDs
2. Harvey Andrews: Harvey has written some of the best lyrics not written by Clive James.
3. 10 CC: Some great singles and even better album tracks, and super humour.
4. Pink Floyd: Maybe not everyone's choice but I still listen to Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here on my walkman.
5. Rolling Stones: need I say more?
6. The Who:  as they say Maximum R & B
7. J S Bach:  you can't live on Rock n Roll alone
8. Richard Thompson (including his work with Linda): It would have been cheating even more to include Richard with Fairport and Sandy.
9. Bob Dylan: the guv'nor!
10. Joni Mitchell: Great songs, great voice, the whole lot.
Pete & Clive's songs
1. Beware of the Beautiful Stranger:  I met my beautiful stranger, need I say more.
2. Carnations on the Roof: I remember Noel Edmonds playing this on Radio 1 on a Sunday morning and being captivated by the lyrics, the line of hired Humbers, the beat mirroring the machine tools, a perfect song.
3. I See the Joker: More wonderful imagery and word play and I love Pete's piano.
4. Girl on a Train: When did £10 last pay for a day out and a train journey.
5. Sunlight Gate: The heroes riding out and their number reducing.
6. Rain-Wheels: The irony is that now the lady would be returning to Notting Hill and yet mmore great word pictures from Clive's pen.
7. Laughing Boy: Included for Clive's vocal on the tour in 2003, we saw them at the Harlequin,  Redhill.
8. The Wristwatch for a Drummer: Spot the icon!
9. Perfect Moments: Only Clive could juxtapose Charlie Chaplin and Charlie Parker and get away with it.
10. Wall of Death: Put your money where your mouth is, I knew he was through joking.
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Though he had no great gifts of personality or mind, he was quite well respected.
Stewart Betts
MV Fresher

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Re: The Top Ten Polls 2006 - Vote Here!
« Reply #31: 22.12.06 at 22:08 »

Favourite James/Atkin tracks (afraid I'm living in the past here):
1 Perfect Moments
2 Between Us There Is Nothing
3 The Pearl Driller
4 Faded Mansion On The Hill
5 Hypertension Kid
6 30 Year man
7 The Last Hill That Shows You All The Valley
8 Girl On The Train
9 Frangipanni Was Her Flower
10 All I Ever Did
Current favourite artists (as evidenced by my iPod "most recently played" list):
1 10cc
2 James Taylor
3 The Kooks
4 Bert Jansch
5 Al Stewart
6 Chris Rea
7 Yes
8 Carole King
9 The Jam
10 The Nimmo Twins
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David Morgan
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Re: The Top Ten Polls 2006 - Vote Here!
« Reply #32: 23.12.06 at 10:45 »

About time Pollster Two got round to voting:
1. Faded Mansion on the Hill: I still don’t know what it’s about (all of human life except love, maybe?), but what a flood of wonderful images! Set to one of the great Atkin melodies, and the resonance of that electric piano is so right. Perfection.
2. Senior Citizens: still has me in tears every time – the melodically teasing first half, lyrics full of pathos, and then the sublime second half, with its warm, rich joy of youth still sensing the sadness, right through to ‘The sand will take so long to fall’…Devastating. (And the sand’s been falling now since 1974, of course.)
3. Beware of the Beautiful Stranger: I love the hard truth of the message set against the cute jokiness of everything else – and what a pretty tune & guitar work Pete gave us here.
4. Thief in the Night: I think it’s all been said about this jewel.
5. The Ties That Bind You: why hasn’t everybody voted for this one?? I guess most people reckon nostalgia’s not what it used to be, but I wallow in it when a déjà vu experience sets it off, and I think Clive captured the joy of this beautifully. Lovely melody too – I have the chords worked out, must get ‘em published.
6. Ice Cream Man: nostalgia again, but also a witty and moving lyric, dream-like melody and perfect piano from that ‘functional’ player.
7. Pearl Driller: a little pearl.
8. An Empty Table: for me, the best of Winter Spring’s sad love songs. Beautiful lyric, but so loose – how on earth could you set it to music? An Atkin triumph.
9. Femme Fatale: a scream of pain set to music. Works like Neil Young’s ‘Like a Hurricane’ – gloriously cathartic stuff.
10. Between Us There Is Nothing: Clive at his very best, and looks like it might win!  
Near misses (what an agony): Hypertension Kid, Practical Man, Flowers and the Wine, A King At Nightfall, You Alone Will Be My Last Adventure
1. Bob Dylan: so many great songs, some of which he even sang quite well. I also feel he paved the way for all the quality songwriters who have followed, even you-know-who. The lyrics got a bit wild at times, but for me there’s so much going on in Dylan’s better work that this just doesn’t matter.  Must say I’m struck by the fact that votes indicate most MVs don’t see it this way.
2. Grateful Dead: much turgid stuff over the years, but on the island I’d need the recordings from their brief period of greatness, ‘68-71. Jerry Garcia’s guitar had a melodic sense and sweetness of tone that for me has never been equalled, and the excitement and virtuoso freedom of their ensemble playing made me feel, for a while, that anything was possible.  
3. Neil Young: uniquely affecting voice and guitar style, and many gorgeous melodies – that’s enough!
4. Leonard Cohen: the Conman himself, just to annoy Clive. I’d recommend anyone who knows Cohen from his early stuff to search out ‘I’m Your Man’ and ‘The Future’ from his later period – they’re stunningly different.
5. Rolling Stones: soundtrack of my adolescence - so much more annoying for parents than those cuddly Beatles. Creatively dead by 1972, but before that there were so many peaks. The greatest rock’n’roll band in the world, as someone said.
6. Bruce Springsteen: once the future of rock’n’roll, the true heir of (part of) Bob Dylan and stylistically about as far from A&J as you can get. But again, so many great songs, and this man sings them all well.
7. Joni Mitchell: maybe should be higher up the list – she can do it all, of course, and has done so over many great albums. My favourite is the rather obscure ‘Hejira’: recommended!
8. Van Morrison: the still-astonishing ‘Astral Weeks’ alone would get him in here, and there’s been much good stuff during the long decline.
9. Beethoven: mainly for the string quartets, plus lots I’d have time to explore on the island.  
10. Mississippi John Hurt: Oh, how I love his simplicity, warmth and wonderful guitar work.
Near misses: Fairport Convention, Randy Newman, Jimi Hendrix, The Band
And thanks to the voters so far for many ideas for future listening. Just over a week to go – keep ‘em coming!
David M
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Ian Chippett
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In the clear at over fifty-five

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Re: The Top Ten Polls 2006 - Vote Here!
« Reply #33: 23.12.06 at 10:48 »

Despite a (so far) limited number of contributions it's gratifying to see that no less than 60 different songs have been submitted, eloquent testimony to the quality of Pete's output. There's a definite preference for the earlier stuff which is not surprising as I suppose not all the MVs have got hold of "The Lakeside Sessions" and "Winter Spring." They should. Immediately.
Stewart wrote "afraid I'm living in the past here." There are worse places to live.
Ian C
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Dave Wilkes
MV Fresher

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Re: The Top Ten Polls 2006 - Vote Here!
« Reply #34: 23.12.06 at 18:55 »

Favourite Songs :
Senior Citizens
Roads of Silk
Perfect Monemts
The Hollow and the Fluted night
The Flowers and the Wine
30 Year Man
A hill of Little Shoes
Payday Evenings
Lonesome Levis Lane
An Empty Table
Would like to have included "The Man who wlaked towards the Music" purely for "He couldn't tell a Wah Wah from Arkira Kurosawa" but that would be 11
Favourite Other Artists :
Zoot Money
Kate and Anna McGarrigle
Arizona Smoke Revue
Decameron / Johnny Coppin
Brian Auger
Bonzo Dog Band
Tom Lehrer
Cliff Bennet    
Again, would have like to slip in Gordon Lightfoot, Warren Zeavon and Santana but ..
Best Regards
Dave Wilkes
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Dave Wilkes
Ian Sorensen
MV Feature

A King at Sunrise

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Re: The Top Ten Polls 2006 - Vote Here!
« Reply #35: 24.12.06 at 09:24 »

on 23.12.06 at 10:48, Ian Chippett wrote:

Stewart wrote "afraid I'm living in the past here." There are worse places to live.
Ian C

To quote the sublime John Cooper Clark: “People ask me why I live in the past. Well, the beer is cheaper there.”
Ian S
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MV Fresher

I love Midnight Voices!

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Re: The Top Ten Polls 2006 - Vote Here!
« Reply #36: 24.12.06 at 12:43 »

Top 10 Pete Atkin tracks
1. The last Hill that shows you all the Valley
2. The Faded Mansion on the Hill
3. Thirty year man
4. Perfect Moments
5. Payday Evening
6. Tenderfoot
7. Dreamboat
8. History and Geography
9. Winter Spring
10. The Master of the Revels
Top 10 favourite non-Atkin artists
1. REM –  twenty years of delight and fascination
2. Shawn Colvin –  a superb voice, and a joy
3. The Undertones -  the only band I’ve ever wanted to be
4. Paulina Rubio -  hi-energy latin fun
5. Warren Zevon -  in a class of his own
6. Oasis -  when they were good
7. Pere Ubu -  the dark side of town
8. The Beatles - because you can’t not
9. Aimee Mann -  doomed to be underrated
10. Elvis Costello -  the only songwriter of his time
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Andy Love
MV Feature

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Re: The Top Ten Polls 2006 - Vote Here!
« Reply #37: 24.12.06 at 16:23 »

Hi Chorus
A) Atkin - James
    1.  The Rider To The World's End
    2.  A Man Who's Been Around
    3.  The Road Of Silk
    4.  The Double Agent
    5.  Femme Fatale
    6.  I Have To Learn
    7.  Dreamboat
    8.  Between Us There Is Nothing
    9.  Here We Stand
   10. The Ties That Bind You
    [Note: This list is almost criminally unfair to the other two dozen (plus) songs which rightfully belong in my ever-changing Top Ten. I apologise to them most profusely.]
B)  Others
    1. Pink Floyd
    2. Led Zeppelin
    3. Paul Simon (also mit Garfunkel, bitte)
    4. Little Feat (but must have LG's solo stuff, too,please)
    5. Mahavishnu Orchestra (ditto most of JM's other collaborations)
    6. Melanie Safka
    7. John Martyn
    8. Gilbert & Sullivan
    9. Black Uhuru
  10. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.
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Richard Bleksley
MV Fixture

My time has come to find a better way

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My Atkin Top Ten
« Reply #38: 24.12.06 at 16:46 »

With so many gems to choose from, this selection is, even now, after weeks of agonising, a bit arbitrary, and the order within it even more so - a kind of "unreliable" list, if you will.
1.  Thief in the Night.
No intellectualising or explanations here: it was simple love at first hearing, and my opinion hasn't changed since.
2.  Just For Me (Amy's Blues).
For the character of Amy, world-weary but defiantly unbowed, for Pete's lovely piano playing, and because, like Amy, I love the blues.
3.  The Faded Mansion on the Hill.
There's something very sinister going on up that hill; and it's the dramatic tension between this and the idyllic hedonism of the yachts of summer that give this superb song its depth and power. One (three?) of Pete's best-ever tunes, and electric piano is one of my favourite keyboard sounds.  
4.  Sunrise.
For me, some of the early songs have a special charm of their own, a freshness and vitality not always present in the later, more sophisticated stuff. This is, for me, the best of them.
5.  Practical Man.
For its delightfully witty satire of commercial exploitation of the artistic impulse, and especially the last verse ("When you die they're what you're found with") - and for the way the tune perfectly complements the abba rhyme-scheme.
6.  Thirty Year Man.
A wonderfully vivid, poignant characterisation of the veteran jazzman and his ambivalent feelings for the girl singer. "I'd kill that kid, if she wasn't killing me" is one of my favourite lines in the whole James canon.
7.  The Wristwatch for a Drummer.
Funny songs tend to wear a bit thin with repetition, but this is one I never seem to tire of.
8.  A Hill of Little Shoes.
Probably the most profound and poignant lyric Clive has ever written. Included out of admiration rather than enjoyment - it's strong medicine, but sometimes strong medicine is necessary.
9.  A King at Nightfall.
More electric piano, a powerful, vivid lyric, and a memorably Atkin-esque tune.
10. Carnations on the Roof.
If there was one song that woke me up to the fact that here was something extraordinary in the way of lyrics, it was this one, with its unusual subject matter and its accumulation of precise little details that could have sounded boringly prosaic but instead manage to bring the song to vivid life. And I finally came to realise why that green cleaning jelly was called Swarfega.
Agonising exclusions: Sunlight Gate, The Last Hill That Shows You All the Valley, Canoe, Prayers Against the Hitman, The King Is Dead, Beware of the Beautiful Stranger, The Prince of Aquitaine, Sessionman's Blues, All the Dead Were Strangers, An Array of Passionate Lovers etc., etc....
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Andy Love
MV Feature

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Re: The Top Ten Polls 2006 - Vote Here!
« Reply #39: 24.12.06 at 21:26 »

on 24.12.06 at 16:23, Andy Love wrote:

    9.  Here We Stand

I meant "Here We Stay" of course!  
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