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Andy Love
MV Feature

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Gig & Sclonch!
« : 14.07.05 at 11:16 »

Hi Chorus
I’m pleased to announce that MV and renowned singer-songwriter Robb Johnson is to play at Grendon Prison on Friday 26th August. Grendon is off the A41 between Aylebury and Bicester.   It’s at a bit of an awkward time (see below) but it would be great if any members of the Bucks/Herts/Beds sclonch (or anyone else, for that matter) could come along – I know the resident poulation would very much appreciate some ‘outside’ representation!    
This is the first in a short series of Prison gigs which will include an appearance by Pete in due course : visitor numbers are likely to be limited and support at this stage could very well guarantee an invitation later on Wink  
Robb’s gig will start at around 6pm but visitors are recommended to arrive around 5.30 because of the protocols associated with getting into a closed prison.  Tickets will be a measly fiver.  To grab one and/or to glean further information, please e-mail or instant-message me by 4th August.  
Should the event be quorate MV-wise, and bearing in mind the Very Important Date that will have recently passed, there will be serious sclonching to be done in the Seven Stars after the gig!!
PS: Please note that I’m away next week, Monday to Sunday.
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Simon Reap
MV Fixture

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Re: Gig & Sclonch!
« Reply #1: 29.08.05 at 10:54 »

Many thanks to Robb and Andy - I had a great time.
Robb played some familiar songs("Life is football", "Zapatista Coffee", "London Eye", "This Is What Democracy Looks Like") and some I'd not come across.  Made me rush off to Night Cafe (http://www.nightcafe.co.uk/) to enlarge my CD collection.
This was the first time I'd been in a prison - a disconcerting affair.  The security gate and entrance procedure were as controlled and practised as I'd expected from watching Porridge, though they did manage to put  my belongings safely in a locker before asking for my picture ID (which was now, of course, safely in the locker)!  It appeared that I couldn't simply go back into the office to retrieve my wallet - we had to go through a comical dance, passing keys and wallets through various slots in the office wall.
The gig itself was in an ordinary looking room - ordinary apart from the thick steel barred gates fixed outside the normal doors.  The 'visitors' arrived first (half a dozen of us), then the 'residents' were brought over (about 20 of them).  Most of the residents looked pretty normal - not, possibly, people I would have sought out, but I wouldn't have crossed the road to avoid them.  We were then locked in for the duration of the concert.  There were 2 40-minute sets, with an interval for fruit juice.  I think that everyone enjoyed themselves - even the sternest-faced prison staff were tapping the odd foot.
Once the residents had gone back to their wings, and once the guard had obtained permission to do so, we were escorted back to the gates.  With feelings of "there but for the grace" - a moment's loss of temper could have led some people there - we went off to the Seven Stars (lovely country pub) for a restorative pint.
If Andy manages to get through the extensive security hoops to organise another concert, I'd recommend it.  The setting is 'unusual' but the atmosphere was great.
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