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Re: New Forum
« Reply #80: 26.10.04 at 20:32 »

Gosh! The ego is flattered that anyone might be remotely interested;albeit that some might suggest that too much of MV is spent trying to unravel puzzles.
Giving clues would completely negate the point of anonymity.But fortunately security 's no problem at all.
So I'm fully intending to hold out for at least a week (though as a clue that might contradict the information on  the profile for number 63) before you get the bibful requested Lips Sealed
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MV Friend

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Re: New Forum
« Reply #81: 04.11.04 at 20:51 »

Yes, like many others I think Pete's newsletter is an excellent idea. Thnks for thinking of those of us, who, for various reasons, forget too keep up to date with our "lurking".  I hope that it will go ahead.
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David V Barrett
MV Fresher

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Re: New Forum
« Reply #82: 02.01.05 at 16:18 »

I'm someone else who would very much welcome Pete's email newsletter.  I'm relatively computer-literate and as a freelance writer I spend most of every day sitting in front of the damn thing, and could very easily log in to this forum at any time to see what's going on.  But I don't.  I've known it's been around since before it started, and have dropped in a couple of times over the months, but I've only actually joined it today, in order to send this posting.
A couple of years ago, after 9/11, I got caught up in a forum on UK2Net, and found I was sometimes spending two or three hours each day on it, and so not working.  A quick browse through this forum, and there are all sorts of things I could respond to -- but I really don't have the time.  Even if you don't spend ages composing long responses and engaging in fascinating discussions, forums take up far more time even to read than email lists.
The other major problem, which others have mentioned, is remembering and choosing to log in to the forum on a regular basis.  It's not just "self-discipline", Steve; for many of us it's a right pain in the fundament.  It's just one more damn thing to do.
As you'll have realised by now, I'm one of those who vastly preferred receiving the weekly digest every Sunday, reading it at my leisure, and responding or not.  And, of course, getting my Pete Atkin news that way.
Interestingly, the senior editors of Phenomena magazine used to communicate via a forum; we've now set up a Yahoo email group, and now none of us risks getting left out of the loop on discussions or decisions because we'd neglected to log in for a day or two.  Immeasurably preferable.  I'm in several other Yahoo groups, including for 1970s singer-songwriters Lesley Duncan and Dory Previn, and they work.  You can easily be as active or as passive as you like.  You can be a lurker for years, then suddenly contribute because something chimes for you.  I know for sure with both of those groups that we would lose most of our members if we changed to a website forum -- as I would guess has happened here.  Oh, I'm also in the Janis Ian Yahoo group, not a discussion group but a news notification group, similar to what Pete is proposing to set up -- and very useful.  A similar service for (and from) Pete would be great.
I probably won't drop in here all that often, so yes, please let me have news via email.  Though perhaps I should point out that I didn't receive the email notification of this proposed service, which I understand from the above posts should have happened.  Hey ho.
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Murray McGlew
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I love Midnight Voices!

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Re: New Forum
« Reply #83: 04.01.05 at 12:31 »

I like the new forum. As far as my email is concerned, the starting of the forum coincided with the beginning of an anti-spam service from our server, and checking for routine communications is much easier now.
As for the actual discussion of things PA and CJ: a lot of topics have been thrashed out over the years, which limits what gets talked about now. It doesn't necessarily mean a lack of interest because of the new format. I've been very busy with other stuff lately, which means I haven't contributed much, but I have checked in when I get a spare moment, and the fact that a thread can sit here more or less indefinitely means that I don't miss the boat on something I would like to comment on.
Oh yes: and the lack of a spell check (as far as I know) is a good dissaplinn for me.
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Pete Atkin
MV Deity

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Newsletter & Downloads etc
« Reply #84: 04.01.05 at 22:22 »

Hi Dave, and everyone who's responded positively to the idea of a newsletter --
Yes, I am proposing to do it.  It really isn't all that difficult, especially with the help of the virtual gizmos in the way of which that Nice Mr Birkill has pointed me.   It's just that I've got this terrible inertia in the diodes all down my left side.  Well, both sides, actually.  But I shall crack it.  I will crack it.  
And having cracked it, I'll then try to figure out what I might use it for.  Primarily news, I suppose, when there is some.  And then probably my own responses to forum postings, when called for and/or appropriate.  That will requie giving some hint about whatever it is I'm responding to, of course, but it may prove a useful way of pointing subscribers back to the forum itself.  And besides, it always feels like a bit of an intrusion when I muscle in here.  It may not be true in practioce, but I still can't help the feeling that for me to stick in my eighteenpenn'orth puts a blight on any further useful contribution -- as in the case of Andy Love's recentish query about My Brother's Keeper.  Anyway, we'll see.    
I'll do my goshdernedest to figure out how to manage the list and hope to have something under way in the next couple of weeks.    
The possibility of providing downloads is another, rather more complex question.  Please don't forget that the website is run and maintained by the aforesaid NMB as an entirely non-commercial operation, and while hosting the Hillside Shop is one thing -- and one that doesn't ask more than the absolute minimum of TANMB's time and attention -- providing the download facility is something else again.
And by the way, please do not forget that providing legal downloads is, as far as the owners of the recordings are concerned, contractually just the same as making them available on CD.  (I'm going to have to refer you to previous postings about the distinctions between the ownership of and rights in (a) the recordings, (b) the performances, and (c) the material being performed -- I simply don't have the energy to go through it all again;  maybe it should be in the FAQs.)
While I'm on, my thanks again to Steve for posting the news of my old chum Al Sizer's death.  It was a real shaker.   We'd known each other since about age 12, a friendship based primarily on music, and mostly on playing it together, through our teens and through Footlights, and well beyond.  
By the way, if you haven't read it already, do not hesitate to get hold of a copy of Bob Dylan's Chronicles Vol.1.   It's anything but a standard rock autobiography.  The shape of it is unconventional, but makes perfect sense, and it adds greatly to the experience of listening to his songs, without "explaining" them.   It's extraordinarily vivid, and unusually revealing of the creative process and what lies behind it and underpins it, without being in the least mock-modest or self-glorifying.  BD comes thorugh as a human being, and one you'd want to spend time with.    Oh yes, sorry -- comma in my opinion.
Anway and whatever, I hope that there'll be plenty that I have to keep you informed of in 2005, and that the year will be memorable for all of you, for all sorts of positive reasons.
Go well
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Theo Clarke
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Re: Newsletter & Downloads etc
« Reply #85: 11.01.05 at 20:14 »

on 04.01.05 at 22:22, Pete Atkin wrote:
it always feels like a bit of an intrusion when I muscle in here.

Whilst your modesty, Pete, is an essential part of your charm, it does seem to me that you may be taking it a bit far with this opinion.  I realise that this forum does not actually belong to you and that speaking here is not quite the same as being in you own home but I do feel that this is akin to a pub at which most of us are the regulars whilst you are the only one with a plaque on your stool. It is certainly true that your opinions carry more weight than those of the rest of us when you speak of your own work. No muscle; just a form of wisdom.  As far as I am concerned, you cannot muscle in because you are always at the centre.
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