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Midnight Voices « Walthamstow Folk Club - Sunday 15thy November 2015 »
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   Walthamstow Folk Club - Sunday 15thy November 2015
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   Author  Thread: Walthamstow Folk Club - Sunday 15thy November 2015  (Read 9109 times)
Pete Atkin
MV Deity

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Walthamstow Folk Club - Sunday 15thy November 2015
« : 15.04.15 at 17:10 »

Yes, it's a London date for your diaries, thanks to the loyal, true, and discriminating Russ Chandler.   I've lost track of how many times I've played this club, but I can't remember a bad experience among them all.  Looking forward already.
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Gerry Smith
MV Moderator

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Re: Walthamstow Folk Club - Sunday 15thy November 2015
« Reply #1: 19.04.15 at 12:40 »

Excellent! Date's in the diary.
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Out playing the saxes
Seán Kelly
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Re: Walthamstow Folk Club - Sunday 15thy November 2015
« Reply #2: 06.05.15 at 13:46 »

Excellent news!  And, since I am away from Walthamstow now until late October, excellent timing too Smiley  
Thanks Russ!
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Keith M
MV Friend

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Re: Walthamstow Folk Club - Sunday 15thy November 2015
« Reply #3: 14.11.15 at 14:28 »

I see the tickets available online are sold out.  Tickets were also available to those attending the club last week.  So are there going to be any left for those who turn up on the night?  I was going to make the trek from deepest Sussex but I'm having second thoughts.  I don't want to arrive in Walthamstow - terra completely incognita for one who grew up south of the river - only to be denied entrance.  I realise this is short notice but does anyone know how likely it is that a small party will be able to get in if we arrive by, say, 7.00 pm (and it sounds as though parking could be difficult)?
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A practical man
Seán Kelly
MV Fixture

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A Great Night in Walthamstow
« Reply #4: 16.11.15 at 10:14 »

First Keith M : Sorry I didn't see your message beforehand. The answer (in hindsight) is that they kept 20 tickets back to sell on the door - but our Janice managed to be at the bar at the wrong moment and only got in because someone was selling a spare ticket!
Anyway - it was a great night in Walthamstow!  Pete was on great form and doing his best, he said, to chat less and play more songs.  I like the chat too so luckily he didn't give that up entirely.  As I say Janice was there and I think we are entitled to hope for a detailed set list from her - so just an impression or two from me:  
Pete played some lovely versions of quite a few of the new songs eg The Way You Are With Me and The Closer Someone Is including a strong performance of Time To Burn, but he also played some powerful versions of older songs too - perhaps The Last Hill That Shows You All The Valley was a standout here - perfectly performed, the horn parts now echoed on guitar, and that still-shocking last image lingering in the mind. An excellent evening and actually I can't be sure that anything beat the encore of Touch Has A Memory - masterful.   More details to come from Janice (I trust). Big Thanks to Pete and to the Club for a great night (well done Russ and Kevin - what sound booking policies you have Smiley
For those who can't remember what Pete looks like - or who wish to remind themselves - here is a between-songs pic from last night.
IMG_2492F by Seán Kelly, on Flickr
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MV Fellow

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Re: Walthamstow Folk Club - Sunday 15thy November 2015
« Reply #5: 17.11.15 at 00:18 »

Yes I was getting a bit worried last night when I realised that all the tickets had gone! And I upset the barman by abandoning my change when I realised someone was buying the last ticket. Fortunately a nice man turned up with a spare ticket and Sean had saved a seat for me so all was well.
Here's the set list, it was a really good mix of old favourites and a few of the newest songs:
1. The way you are with me (g)
2. Be careful when they offer you the moon (g)
3. Thief in the night (g)
4. The closer someone is (k)
5. Screenfreak (k) - A lovely performance
6. Hill of little shoes (k)
7. Sessionman's blues (k)
8. All the dead were strangers (g)
9. National Steel (g-National Steel)
10. Girl on the train (g)
11. The beautiful changes (g)
12. Time to burn (k)
13. Trophies of my lovers gone (k) I'd forgotten how good this one is...
14. Hypertension kid (k) ... and this is one of my favourites
15. Have you got a biro I can borrow (g)
16. The last hill that shows you all the valley (g)
17. Search and destroy (k)  
18. Thirty year man (k)
19. Perfect moments (k)
20. Touch has a memory (k)
It was a lovely evening!
I was just checking the titles of the new songs on the website when I noticed that there's another gig mentioned, it's in Eastbourne, The Lamb Folk Club 16th March 2016.
There's also a Shrinks gig at the Old Refreshment Room in Wrington on 21st November
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