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   Pete recovering well
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The Early Quitter

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Re: Pete recovering well
« Reply #20: 21.03.16 at 21:01 »

Absolutely shocking news and I don't like it one bit (except for the part about Pete being on the mend).
Obviously my best wishes go out to you, Pete. I hope you feel better and we hear from you soon.
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I love Midnight Voices!

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Re: Pete recovering well
« Reply #21: 21.03.16 at 22:42 »

That was all a little worrying for a while Pete so glad the news is now good. I wonder if the bus driver went home and said he'd run into a celebrity that day?
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Ian Chippett
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In the clear at over fifty-five

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Re: Pete recovering well
« Reply #22: 22.03.16 at 20:40 »

I think Pete is keeping something from us. Any Bristolian knows you hardly ever see a bus in Bristol. .. Get well soon and fast.
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Mike Walters
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Re: Pete recovering well
« Reply #23: 23.03.16 at 16:54 »

Just to echo others' sentiments and good wishes.  The accident sounds awful but delighted and relieved that Pete is continuing to make a good recovery.
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Seαn Kelly
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Re: Pete recovering well
« Reply #24: 24.03.16 at 09:48 »

Like everyone, no doubt, I had hoped the injury was much more minor than this - so it is shocking to hear how life-threatening it actually was.  It is very cheering to read your own words on here and to hear that you are getting better. Sending huge good wishes to you Pete and to your family who have surely been through the mill with you.
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Leslie Moss
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Marmite Soldier

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Re: Pete recovering well
« Reply #25: 31.03.16 at 09:01 »

I was shocked to learn of Pete's accident, and especially the extent of his initial injuries. It is good to learn that for the most part, things are on the mend, but it was clearly a close-run thing and my heart goes out to Mary for whom that first day especially must have been an absolute nightmare.
I blame my long absence from the site for my delayed knowledge of what happened. Pete, your newsletter message sounded upbeat, for which we must all be grateful, but I can only imagine the weeks of discomfort and pain that have got you to where you are now.
I'm sure I speak for everyone in wishing you a speedy recovery and hope that you can put the trauma behind you and continue to inspire us with your prodigious musical talent.
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Douglas Fergus
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Okeydoke, my armchair hero

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Re: Pete recovering well
« Reply #26: 02.04.16 at 11:42 »

Just heard about this in your newsletter Pete.
Absolutely shocking news.
You sound pretty philosophical and upbeat about the situation. I suppose it could have been so much worse........or worst!
Anyway, very best wishes for a continued recovery. Hope your instrument playing continues to improve.
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