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   Lyrics-Lakeside Sessions
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Phil Smith
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I love Midnight Voices!

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Lyrics-Lakeside Sessions
« : 27.02.19 at 04:09 »

Apologies if I'm doing this all wrong-quite usual for me in all techy matters. Fired by Pete's recent Brum gig on Sunday, decided I must really get around to sort out a print of the lyrics of both Lakeside Sessions cds. The first point is that my device is an Apple MacBook. The second is that I've been able to have a look at the lyrics online, yet I note that when I did so, only one verse of Ice Cream Man appeared visible. Clearly, I'm missing something here. I always do when encountering IT related issues. I could run into the street and ask for assistance from an eight year old child, but this would be open to misinterpretation, and most likely lead to criminal charges, despite the fact that said child would in all likelihood solve the issue with a few taps on the keyboard. In short, help please!!
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S J Birkill
MV Administrator

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Re: Lyrics-Lakeside Sessions
« Reply #1: 27.02.19 at 08:16 »

Hello Phil
Well, as you seem to have discovered, there's more than one way to access the lyrics for printing. The 'natural' way would be to open the Discography page and scroll down to the album of interest, then click the second button ('View Lyric') to the right of the required song title, which, for Ice Cream Man, would take you here:
This is a very plain, simple (and ugly) HTML page. Doing a <CTRL+P>, or using the right-click context menu 'Print' option (or whatever the Apple equivalent is) will send it to your printer, and you should get a printout which looks very much like what you see on the screen. Your printer driver will show you a preview before you commit to paper, which should look something like this:

Alternatively you could click the first button ('Play Song') opposite the title, which will also deliver you the lyric, but you'll also get an image and hear the song. This page could also be used for lyric print-out, but the image will cause the result to wrap onto a second page -- probably not what you want.
But I think you've wisely chosen the booklet option. A long, long time ago (well, in fact 17 years ago this week), our friend and MV member Sylfest Muldal decided, for this first post-revival album, to create a pair of booklets of all the lyrics to the The Lakeside Sessions songs, one for each of the original 2 CDs, in a format to fit inside the front of the two single-CD jewel cases. The PDF files to print the two booklets can be downloaded via the link in the Discography, at
As well as the download links, this page gives step-by-step instructions for printing the booklets -- you may need to amend the details slightly to fit Apple's print procedure, and consult your printer manual to orient the paper correctly for the second (Even Pages) pass, on the reverse side of the Odd Pages run. But back then (2002) quite a few of our members succeeded in achieving perfect copies, with only one or two sheets of paper lost to trial-and-error!
Do realise though that the files are carefully and correctly designed for a double-sided result, so, with Volume Two, Ice Cream Man (for instance) is the second song on Booklet-Page 1, which appears on the right-hand half of the fourth image in the file, PDF-Page 4 (Opposite Booklet-Page 8). After the first verse, the lyric flows onto the other side of the paper, Booklet-Page 2, which is on the LHS of PDF-Page 3. And so on. If you haven't printed for book-folding before it will seem confusing, but if you follow Sylfest's instructions it will all make sense when you stack, fold and crop the resulting two sheets of paper.
Perhaps this (rough-and-ready, sorry) sketch will help you visualise how the Booklet-pages are laid out on the PDF-pages:
      ( PDF-Page 1 contains the centrefold, Booklet-Pages 4 & 5 )
      ( PDF-Page 2 prints on the reverse of PDF-Page 1 )
      ( PDF-Page 3 prints on the reverse of PDF-Page 4 )
      ( PDF-Page 4 contains the front and back covers, Booklet-Pages 1 and 8 )
I hope I've given you enough (but not too much) information. And I hope I've got it right. Good Luck!
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Stephen J Birkill
Seán Kelly
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Re: Lyrics-Lakeside Sessions
« Reply #2: 27.02.19 at 21:19 »

Picture of an 8 year old child running off shouting "I can't compete with that !"  Smiley
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Phil Smith
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I love Midnight Voices!

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Re: Lyrics-Lakeside Sessions
« Reply #3: 28.02.19 at 01:12 »

Two quotes, or thoughts, or feelings, or descriptions come to mind. "I think she's got it' [Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady]. Secondly, "Have you got it yet?" [allegedly a comment made by Syd Barrett, supposedly "introducing" a new number to his fellows, whilst seemingly determined to follow each "example" with something wildly dissimilar to its precedent]. Your painstaking efforts, Mr Birkill, are much appreciated. I think I have achieved a download of sorts. But it will never fit within a cd case!!!
Hey ho, no minors [nor indeed miners] are being abused in the tortuous course of my accessing these lyrics. I recall a brief interchange with Pete, wherein he explained why it had not been possible to include the lyrics within the packaging. I wonder whether, if I had offered to offer a financial bung to facilitate such, it would have made any difference. Perhaps it's far more important to conserve my limited pennies in the ongoing hope of arranging a gig in the Borders.
But there we are, and la-di-dah...
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