How to Make Your Lakeside Lyrics Booklets



        These instructions apply to a PC under Windows 98 and Adobe Acrobat. Your system might behave slightly differently. You never know…

1.      Open a PDF booklet file in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader.

2.      From the File menu, choose Print. The Print dialog box is displayed.

3.      Select the Properties button. The <Printer Name> Properties dialog box is displayed, with the default Main tab selected.

4.      Make appropriate selections for high-quality printing (e.g. for ordinary paper, I choose Automatic mode and highest quality). High-quality paper is recommended.

5.      Select the Paper tab, and make sure that the Centred option is checked in the Printable Area panel. Also, check that the orientation (Landscape or Portrait) matches the booklet file page.

6.      Select OK to close the <Printer Name> Properties dialog box.

7.      In the Print dialog box, ensure that the Reverse Pages and Fit to Page options are not checked. From the Print: drop-down menu at the bottom of the page, choose Odd Pages Only.

8.      Select OK to begin printing the two odd-numbered pages. Leave them until printing is complete.

9.      In the printer out-tray, pick up the two-page stack by its right and left edges. Flip it lengthwise into the printer in-tray, so its blank sides face up.

10. Choose File | Print. In the Print dialog box, select Even Pages Only.

11. Select OK to print the two even pages on the back of the odd pages.

Assembling and Trimming

1.      Fold the two sheets into a booklet – to do this, carefully match up the page corners and fold down the midline with a sharp accurate crease.

2.      Unless you have a better way to stitch together the booklet - e.g. a long-arm stapler - glue the pages together at the fold, applying a thin bead of flexible glue (Uhu or similar) with a toothpick.

3.      With a sharp craft knife, metal ruler and cutting board, and using the printed cropping guides to keep the cuts aligned, trim the booklet to its final size of 119 mm wide and 119 mm high. It will then fit neatly inside the Lakeside… CD insert.

Serving Tip

        Enjoy alone or with friends in a comfy sofa, to the accompaniment of your favourite popular music CD. Garnish with booze or coffee to taste.


Drop me an e-mail ( if you have any problems. Note that a slightly better-quality version is available from me if you can print Adobe Pagemaker files.

Sylfest Muldal 25/02/02


[Step 9 may require modification if yours is a laser printer – S J Birkill, 01.03.02]