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   Author  Thread: Sheet Music !  (Read 16254 times)
Keith Busby
MV Fixture

Posts: 165
Re: Sheet Music !
« Reply #20: 14.02.07 at 16:14 »

For anyone interested, "Empty Table" works well on guitar a semi-tone down in D on an open tuning (DADF#AD).
    https://peteatkin.com/forum?board=Music&action=display&num=1169673295&start=20#20   copy 

Commit THAT to Your Fragrant Memory!
S J Birkill
MV Administrator

just a sensible reserve

Posts: 838
Re: Sheet Music - more songs
« Reply #21: 01.03.07 at 00:17 »

I've just uploaded another clutch of lead sheet PDFs, hot off Pete's PrintMusic program. The new ones are:
              Be Careful When They Offer You The Moon
              Dancing Master
              The Flowers And The Wine
              The Standards Of Today
- but I should also mention Trophies, which was a straggler to the last batch and didn't get announced separately.
These, and all the previous, and in due course the subsequent ones, are (or will be) available from the all-in-one Discography page by clicking the treble clef icon in the button cluster to the right of each song name. Depending on how your Web browser is configured, this will either open the sheet in your browser's main window, or in a separate Adobe Acrobat window, or it will prompt you to save it to disk. You do need to have a copy of Acrobat Reader installed to view these, but I can't believe you've come so far without it.
I've just (almost) completed a revamp of the Discography page, to improve appearance and usability. If it looks a bit clunky in parts, that's because I haven't completed tweaking those layout peculiarities which always come to light when testing the page across a range of browsers (a step which too many Web designers omit!) But I'm just a dilettante, so I do it. I shall be removing the old stack of individual 'per-album' pages in due course.
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Stephen J Birkill
MV Fixture

Posts: 132
Re: Sheet Music !
« Reply #22: 01.03.07 at 09:36 »

Thanks Pete for The Standards Of Today!
    https://peteatkin.com/forum?board=Music&action=display&num=1169673295&start=22#22   copy 
Seán Kelly
MV Fixture

Posts: 234
Re: Sheet Music !
« Reply #23: 03.03.07 at 09:40 »

Many Thanks Again Pete and Steve - very much appreciated!
    https://peteatkin.com/forum?board=Music&action=display&num=1169673295&start=23#23   copy 
Dave Bondy
MV Fresher

Posts: 5
Re: Sheet Music !
« Reply #24: 21.10.07 at 11:07 »

Y'know what?  Somewhere in the vast cavern of assorted junk that I laughingly call my loft, I have all my original transcriptions (made when PA was living just off the Lea Bridge Road in the late 70s) from the vinyl albums (upto and including LL).    
I think I also made some full scores of some stuff a few years ago ..... if anyone is interested let me know and I'll see what I can find.
    https://peteatkin.com/forum?board=Music&action=display&num=1169673295&start=24#24   copy 

-- Dave
MV Feature

The Early Quitter

Posts: 37
Re: Sheet Music !
« Reply #25: 16.11.07 at 00:24 »

I'm interested Mr Bondy. VERY interested... ((strokes white cat))
    https://peteatkin.com/forum?board=Music&action=display&num=1169673295&start=25#25   copy 
MV Fresher

The ultimate disgrace

Posts: 4
Re: Sheet Music !
« Reply #26: 28.04.09 at 18:18 »

First request is for Tenderfoot, after that, I'll happily take them as they come.
    https://peteatkin.com/forum?board=Music&action=display&num=1169673295&start=26#26   copy 
Ian Ashleigh
MV Fixture

Carnations on the Roof

Posts: 155
Re: Sheet Music !
« Reply #27: 29.04.09 at 22:04 »

Having seen Pete at the Hove gig, my daughter intends to sing Canoe for her next GCSE Music solo performance.  Do I owe anyone any money for printing the sheet music and the lyric from the website?
    https://peteatkin.com/forum?board=Music&action=display&num=1169673295&start=27#27   copy 

Though he had no great gifts of personality or mind, he was quite well respected.
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