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 1   Pete Atkin / Gigs / Re: The Jericho Club, Oxford - setlist  16.03.19 at 17:25 
Started by Pete Atkin | Newest post by S J Birkill
     Master of the Revels (piano)
  * Between Us There Is Nothing (p)
     Have You Got A Biro I Can Borrow? (guitar)
     The Eye of the Universe (g)
     Dancing Master (p)
  * A Hill Of Little Shoes (p)
     Me To Thank (p)
  * The Last Hill That Shows You All The Valley(g)
     You Alone Will Be My Last Adventure (p)
     Beware of the Beautiful Stranger (g)
  * Sessionman's Blues (p)
  * Wristwatch for a Drummer (g)
     Thirty Year Man (p)
     Apparition In Las Vegas (g)
  * Canoe (p)
     I See The Joker (p)
     You Can't Expect To Be Remembered (p)
  * Girl on the Train (g)
  * Ballad of an Upstairs Window (g)
[ * by request ]


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 2   Pete Atkin / Shrinks / Re: The Shrinks, The Eldon House, March 24th  15.03.19 at 11:53 
Started by S J Birkill | Newest post by Pete Atkin
Yes, Steve, I'm planning on being there OK.  Ah, the showbiz life.
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 3   Pete Atkin / Gigs / Re: Walthamstow Folk, March 10th  15.03.19 at 11:15 
Started by S J Birkill | Newest post by Seán Kelly
Got to agree with you Jan about You Can't Expect To Be Remembered -  a really great version I think - certainly it was the one I went home singing (in my head Smiley   And many thanks for the setlist!
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 4   Pete Atkin / News / Re: Eyemouth gig resumed  14.03.19 at 22:48 
Started by Phil Smith | Newest post by Phil Smith
"O come, all ye faithful"!!
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 5   Not Pete Atkin / Off-topic / Clive James & the pre-professional theatre Sydney  14.03.19 at 19:40 
Started by Kevin Cryan | Newest post by Kevin Cryan
Watch out for The Ripples Before the New Wave  by Robyn Dalton and Laura Ginters  

This is an edited extract by Robyn Dalton and Laura Ginters from The Ripples before the New Wave:  
Drama at the University of  Sydney 1957 – 63
,  (Currency Press)

It was a night of excitement, a little sadness and not a little envy. I boarded the small passenger ship Bretagne berthed in Circular Quay to farewell Anne O’Neill, my friend through childhood and university, who was sailing to London to marry Leo Schofield. I wasn’t envious of the fact Anne was getting married … but I was a little envious that she was heading for London – Mecca for many new graduates from the University of Sydney.
I was surprised to find so many familiar faces from university days swarming over the deck … until I realised who Anne’s fellow travellers were going to be. Clive James was there in full flight. He was surrounded by fellow aesthetes from his Sydney University days, members of the Sydney Push, and his mother. Others milled around Professor Bill Trethowan, with his wife, Pamela, who had directed many shows for Sydney University Dramatic Society (SUDS), and their three children. They were returning to the UK for the professor to take up a new post at Birmingham University. A number of my fellow thespians from university drama productions were also there – well lubricated by the time the ‘all aboard’ whistle sounded.

We sang Auld Lang Syne on the ship’s deck to welcome in the New Year, and kissed our friends goodbye. Then with my good friend (and backstage worker) Julie Caldwell (Davis), we disembarked down the gangplank and made our way home in a cab through the quiet city. The weather was balmy, the harbour sparkled with night lights, but there were no extravagant New Year Celebrations throughout the city of Sydney in 1961, and it would be many years before Bennelong Point was to display its iconic Opera House.

Kevin Cryan

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 6   Pete Atkin / Music / Don Paul  14.03.19 at 10:25 
Started by Pete Atkin | Newest post by Pete Atkin
I have just learned that my original record producer, Don Paul, died at the end of last year.   My last phone conversation with him must have been not long before that.
He had started out as a member of Morton Fraser's Harmonica Gang, which some of you may just about remember seeing on TV in the fifties.   In 1958 he formed a vocal group, the Viscounts, with two other members of the Gang. They had one or two pre-Beatles Top 20 hits, but they didn't survive the tsunami of the coming revolution, and Don went on to become a producer with Essex Music, the successful music publishing company whom Clive and I approached with our songs in 1969.  (One of the other Viscounts was Gordon Mills, who went on to write "It's Not Unusual" and to manage both Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck.)
Essex funded some studio time for me to make some demos, and Don produced the sessions.  He played a couple of the finished tracks to his friend Kenny Everett, who then played them – several times – on his Saturday morning BBC radio show, and as a result the collection of tracks ended up being released as the album "Beware of the Beautiful Stranger".   Don then produced "Driving Through Mythical America" with a bit more of a budget, and things progressed reasonably well, in spite of Philips Records' – how shall I say? – incompetence.  Essex moved me to RCA, who gave a decent push to "A King At Nightfall", which Don also produced.
I didn't work with Don again after that, but I stayed in touch with him.   He always spoke fondly and generously about the records we made together, and it was always a pleasure to hear his slightly bemused, languid Lancashire accent.
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 7   Pete Atkin / Words / "What I'm Reading..." Clive James  08.03.19 at 16:34 
Started by Kevin Cryan | Newest post by Kevin Cryan

Clive James: What I’m reading, from Flann O’Brien to The Odyssey
The legendary critic on what’s been keeping him entertained

by Clive James / March 7, 2019 /    
Published in April 2019 issue of Prospect Magazine
Thrumming discreetly in the deep regions of Addenbrooke’s Hospital here in Cambridge, the X-ray projectors continue to chase a dodgy little cancer from one of my facial cavities to the next, so I am still catching up with Christmas. One of my presents was The Collected Letters of Flann O’Brien, edited by Maebh Long, who must have wondered, towards the end of her task, what kind of nut-bag she had taken on. Justifiably regarded as an adornment to Irish literature, O’Brien was a funny novelist who was even funnier as a columnist, but there is nothing funny about hearing a grown mind fooling around with the word “nigger.” In his later years O’Brien, in his correspondence, did so habitually, although we perhaps need to see his bad habit in the oblique light cast by the further fact that he never gave up on the idea that St Augustine might have been black.

Read on
(Register today and access any 7 articles on the Prospect’s website for FREE in the next 30 days..)  
Kevin Cryan
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 8   Pete Atkin / Gigs / Re: Proposed Eyemouth Gig  04.03.19 at 23:55 
Started by Phil Smith | Newest post by Phil Smith
Following a slightly puzzling conversation with Pete at the recent Birmingham gig, and a subsequent much more constructive and better informed email dialogue with him, I would just like to announce that I'm still trying to organise a gig in the Berwick/Eyemouth area at a future unspecified date. Early days...But I recall one kind gentleman's offer of financial assistance when I originally mooted the idea, and of course, I've forgotten his details, so any reminder could be crucial. My personal sponsorship of a gig is one thing [and I might add, guaranteed], but if one potential venue is selected, the costs of hiring such could be crippling [and, of course, nowt to do with Pete himself].
Must say, I have no recall of the forum in which I voiced my idea in the first place, but seem to recall it would have been on the MV site [not sure which forum carries more weight these days].  
My email address is:- phil@philatwalk.co.uk.
Any reminders welcomed!!
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 9   Pete Atkin / Gigs / Re: New next gig! Kitchen Garden in February  04.03.19 at 22:07 
Started by S J Birkill | Newest post by Phil Smith
For what it's worth, following a slightly puzzling exchange with Pete at the Kitchen Garden gig, and a subsequent much more constructive, and better informed, email dialogue, I am still endeavouring to arrange a gig at some future unspecified date in the Berwick/Eyemouth area [they are only eight miles apart]. Now, when I embarked on this increasingly tortuous exercise, one very kind gentleman offered to assist with sponsorship monies. His details are lost to me. This could be of crucial importance, as one option would require my booking [and paying for] the use of a venue, quite apart from Pete's amazingly modest suggested minimum guaranteed fee. Further contact would be more than much appreciated!
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 10   Pete Atkin / Words / Re: Lyrics-Lakeside Sessions  28.02.19 at 01:12 
Started by Phil Smith | Newest post by Phil Smith
Two quotes, or thoughts, or feelings, or descriptions come to mind. "I think she's got it' [Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady]. Secondly, "Have you got it yet?" [allegedly a comment made by Syd Barrett, supposedly "introducing" a new number to his fellows, whilst seemingly determined to follow each "example" with something wildly dissimilar to its precedent]. Your painstaking efforts, Mr Birkill, are much appreciated. I think I have achieved a download of sorts. But it will never fit within a cd case!!!
Hey ho, no minors [nor indeed miners] are being abused in the tortuous course of my accessing these lyrics. I recall a brief interchange with Pete, wherein he explained why it had not been possible to include the lyrics within the packaging. I wonder whether, if I had offered to offer a financial bung to facilitate such, it would have made any difference. Perhaps it's far more important to conserve my limited pennies in the ongoing hope of arranging a gig in the Borders.
But there we are, and la-di-dah...
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