Pete Atkin at the Cambridge Folk Festival, 1968

(thanks to Roy Brown for bringing this to our attention)

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As usual, clicking the above images will deliver a huge high(er)-resolution version. A close look at the stage in the left-hand picture might reveal something unexpected. If one were of a suspicious nature one might suspect tampering ...

For those with the RealAudio or RealMedia player, we have a rare recording from Pete's Cambridge appearance, when he sang Practical Man, apparently against the clock! Click here to listen.

If you don't have the player, give it a try! -- It's available for free download from the RealNetworks Website, and will even install itself as a plug-in to your Web browser, whether you use Netscape or Internet Explorer. You'll then be able to listen to all the songs we feature in the Pete Atkin Discography and Audio Clips pages (including some unreleased material), as well as the hundreds of streamed audio and video sources, including live radio and TV feeds, to be found around the Web.

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