The Master of the Website

('dedicated to the dedicated Steve Birkill')

Parody lyric by Roy Brown, based on the Atkin/James song 'The Master of the Revels'.

Allow me to present myself, my URLs 
And dotted-quads of this connected age
Before your browser loads the page;
For I am the Master of the Website
On 'dot htm' (pa), I am a sage.

I work myself to death for its production,
And at validating links and other chores
I have not been known to pause;
For I am the Master of the Website
And mastery demands no 404s.

On my servers ride the bitmaps 
Of the background to the homepage
And the sorted directories of 'pegs and frames;
An early still of Pete and Julie singing,
A later moving tribute from Clive James.

As others' Windows shut down in the evening,
My proxies must resync while traffic's light
Else for Voices, there's no 'night
For I am the Master of the Website
The daily count of hits my constant plebiscite
And it is here.......
              for your instruction and delight.

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