The Master Of The Revels

Lyric by Clive James, music by Pete Atkin

Allow me to present myself, my ladies
And gentlemen of this exalted age
Before my creatures take the stage
For I am the Master of the Revels
In what appertains to mirth I am a sage

I work myself to death for each production
And though the world's great wits are all on file
I have not been known to smile
For I am the Master of the Revels
And mastery demands a certain style

In my office hang the blueprints of the first exploding handshake
And the charted trajectories of custard pies
For Harlequin ten different kinds of heartbreak
For Columbine the colour of her eyes

Some other windows darken in the evening
And never before morning show a light
But for me there is no night
For I am the Master of the Revels
The caller-up and caster-in of devils
And I am here for your instruction and delight
Pete Atkin Discography