They Were Robbed

Words (and silent music) by Roy Brown

Well, they were robbed, there is no doubt of that
And in a lesser way, so were we
The kind of world in which these songs sold in droves
Well -- we found it wasn't to be

And when that's how it is
Well, its echoes can surround you
Like a shadow on your life
With your private passion shared by very few around, who
You can't be sure include your wife

But there, among the last of the devoted
Was this quite amazing two
Who understood, that if tirelessly promoted
there was so much the 'net could do

Who opened up a whole new world of sparkling choices
Around the man scarce brushed by fame
The richest sight, the growing ranks of Midnight Voices
And then the FoDs they hardly dared to hope could happen
But they built it, and he came...

They never swerved
They never doubted in the slightest
they knew each wonderful song
Must still be heard, and the writing team that penned them
Must be put back where they belong

And if in time
There's not a place that's English-speakin'
Where they've not heard Atkin/James
It's these two who'll be lighting up the beacon
And us cavorting round the flames

So give it up, now, for Steve and Carole
Let's have a round of applause
In fact, let's give them a standing ovation
For their total dedication to the cause.


Presented by Midnight Voices to Steve and Carole Birkill, along with a set of four antique silver-gilt spoons (by Atkin of Sheffield),
on the occasion of their 19th wedding anniversary, at the "SoD2k" celebration organised by Andy Love, Milton Keynes, 21st October 2000.

See also Jeremy Pymer's lyric Thrice-Beamed Man for images of gifts presented at this event. MV4946 relates. SoD2k Website.

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