Pete's gig at The Old Rose and Crown Folk Club, Walthamstow, 15th May 2005

photos by Seán Kelly (click on any image for a larger version)

Songs (guitar/keyboard) :

Thief In The Night (g)
History And Geography (k)
Apparition In Las Vegas (g)
An Empty Table (k)
 * I've Got Me To Thank (k)
 * But Here We Stay (g)
Star Of Tomorrow (g)
Care-Charmer Sleep (g)
Get It Out Of Your Head (k)
Girl On The Train (g)
The Faded Mansion On The Hill (k)
Sessionman's Blues (k)
Stranger In Town (g)
Senior Citizens (g)
Ballad Of An Upstairs Window (g)
Canoe (k)
Ice Cream Man (k)

(* -- new Atkin/James song)

Thanks to Janice Sim for the set list.

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