Session Notes: Pete Atkin
The Radio & TV Sessions

The LWT shows: "The Party's Moving On" (1970)
Ten 12-minute programmes, each of 3 or 4 songs, with a humorous interlude from Dai (Russell) Davies
Songs by Pete Atkin and Clive James, sung by Pete Atkin and Julie Covington.
Introductions and readings from the archives of 'Melody Maker' - Dai Davies.

Musical Director Laurie Holloway, Programme Editor Clive James, Designer Martin Johnson.
Programmes directed by Dave Chapman, produced by Paul Knight, for London Weekend Television.
Broadcast late evenings in London ITV region only.
Recorded 'live' in three sessions, 1-3, 4-7, 8-10.

PA (voc, gtr where required); Julie Covington (voc); 
Laurie Holloway (pno); Jeff Clyne (bass); Johnny Spooner (dms)

Session 1 (date?) Programme 1 (Tx 6, 9th August 1970 at 23:45): THE BEAUTIFUL CHANGES (PA?) (spoken -- RD) THE TROPHIES OF MY LOVERS GONE (JC) STRANGER IN TOWN (PA) Programme 2 (Tx 5, 2nd August 1970 at 23:45): GIRL ON THE TRAIN (PA) IF I HAD MY TIME AGAIN (JC) (spoken -- RD) DUET (PA & JC) Programme 3 (Tx 2, 19th July 1970 at 23:50): TONIGHT YOUR LOVE IS OVER (JC) (spoken -- RD) HAVE YOU GOT A BIRO I CAN BORROW? (PA) FRANGIPANNI WAS HER FLOWER (JC?)
Session 2 (date?) Programme 4 (Tx 10, 6th September 1970?): PRACTICAL MAN (PA) (spoken -- RD) WINTER KEPT US WARM (JC) THE ORIGINAL ORIGINAL HONKY TONK NIGHT TRAIN BLUES (PA & JC & RD) Programme 5 (Tx 4, 26th July 1970 at 23:45): LAUGHING BOY (PA) THE PARTY'S MOVING ON (JC) (spoken -- RD) THE LUCK OF THE DRAW (PA) THE KING IS DEAD (JC) Programme 6 (Tx 3, 24th July 1970 at 22:30): HOW LIKE YOU THIS? (JC) TOUCH HAS A MEMORY (PA) (spoken -- RD) EARLY DAYS (JC) MASTER OF THE REVELS (PA) Programme 7 (Tx 9, 30th August 1970 at 23:45): A MAN WHO'S BEEN AROUND (PA) (spoken -- RD) FOR INSTANCE (JC) BALLAD OF AN UPSTAIRS WINDOW (PA)
Session 3 (date?) Programme 8 (Tx 8, 23rd August 1970 at 23:45): BEWARE OF THE BEAUTIFUL STRANGER (PA) (spoken -- RD) JUST IN PASSING (JC) SUNRISE (PA & JC) Programme 9 (Tx 1, 17th July 1970): SUDDEN ARRIVALS (JC) THE RIDER TO THE WORLD'S END (PA) (spoken -- RD) THE GO-AWAY MAN (JC) Programme 10 (Tx 7, 16th August 1970 at 23:45): THE MAGIC WASN'T THERE (JC) YOU CAN'T EXPECT TO BE REMEMBERED (PA) (spoken -- RD) BE CAREFUL WHEN THEY OFFER YOU THE MOON (PA & JC)

The LWT shows: "What Are You Doing After The Show?" (1970/71)
Seven 35-minute revue-style shows, each a mixture of sketches, songs and production numbers
BBC Comedy Guide entry
Songs by Pete Atkin and Clive James, plus standards; sketches and numbers by the company:
Pete Atkin, Rob Buckman, Julie Covington, Trevor Adams, 
Russell Davies, Maggie Henderson, Jonathan James-Moore and Hilary Pritchard

Session details (First 3 sessions only):
Studio: Wembley Park (ex-Rediffusion TV studios)
7 Sep 1970 PA (voc (1), ac gtr (2)); Julie Covington (voc (2)); Greg Bowen, Eddie Blair, Tony Fisher (tpt/flhn); Johnny Marshall, John Edwards (tbn); Manny Winters (clt (1), fl (2)); Roy Willox (picc (1), fl (2)); Frank Horrocks (pno); Kenny Baldock (d bs); Don Lawson (dms); Russell Davies (tuba (1)); Max Harris (arr (1)); Frank Barber (arr (2)); Harry Rabinowitz (cond/MD) MASTER OF THE REVELS (1) ICE CREAM MAN (2)
8 Sep 1970 (a.m.) PA (ac gtr); Julie Covington (voc); Manny Winters (oboe/fl); Roy Willox (fl); Bob Efford (alt/fl); Frank Horrocks (pno); Kenny Baldock (d bs); Don Lawson (dms); Harry Rabinowitz (cond/MD); ? Frank Barber (arr) HOW LIKE YOU THIS? FRIENDLY ISLAND SONG
8 Sep 1970 (p.m.) PA (ac gtr, voc); Russell Davies, Julie Covington (voc (1)) Unk 2 vlns, 2 cellos (2); Frank Horrocks (pno(1,3)); Kenny Baldock (d bs (1,3), bs gtr (2)); Don Lawson (dms); Harry Rabinowitz (cond/MD); Roy Jones (arr (3)) THE ORIGINAL ORIGINAL HONKY TONK NIGHT TRAIN BLUES (1) THE RIDER TO THE WORLD'S END (2) GIRL ON THE TRAIN (3)
Programme Details: (thanks Graham Stibbs for progs 3-6) Programmes 1 and 2, broadcast 10th & 17th January 1971 at 23:15 (SJB archive only, no running order) include : WHERE HAVE THEY ALL GONE PA HOW LIKE YOU THIS? JC (see session 8 Sep 1970 (a.m.)) BE CAREFUL WHEN THEY OFFER YOU THE MOON PA (double-tracked) ICE CREAM MAN JC (see session 7 Sep 1970) GIRL ON THE TRAIN PA (see session 8 Sep 1970 (p.m.)) FRIENDLY ISLAND SONG JC (see session 8 Sep 1970 (a.m.)) THE ORIGINAL ORIGINAL HONKY TONK NIGHT TRAIN BLUES PA, RD, JC (session 8.9.70 (p.m.))
Programme 3, broadcast 24th January 1971 at 23:15 : "The Brothers Goosefroth" RD, RB GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE JC Northerners sketch JC, RD, JJM, MH Visual gag SUNRISE JC, PA Visual gag "The Smiths" RD, JC, HP, MH, RB MASTER OF THE REVELS PA (see session 7 Sep 1970) - ad break - PINK POLICE GAZETTE PA & Company French Resistance sketch The Company Sink gag HP, RD THE RIDER TO THE WORLD'S END PA (see session 9 Sep 1970 (p.m.)) Drunk gag RD, JC "Football Playback" JJM, RD, RB, PA, JC "Medical Men" production number The Company (RB, RD, PA, JJM solo)
Programme 4, broadcast 31st January 1971 at 23:10 : "Bulgers' Health Farm" RD, MH THOU SWELL JC Mechanical Footballers sketch JJM, RD, RB HAVE YOU GOT A BIRO I CAN BORROW? PA Salesman sketch RB, RD, HP AS I WAS OUT PATROLLIN'... RD, MH, PA THIEF IN THE NIGHT JC, MH, PA - ad break - JUST AN HOUR OF LOVE WITH YOU PA & Company Gardening sketch JJM I'LL HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT JC Space travel sketch PA, RB Stargazer sketch HP MORE IN ANGER THAN IN SORROW PA "The Smiths" JC, RD, MH, HP, RB NOBODY ELSE BUT ELSIE PA & Company
Programme 5, broadcast 7th February 1971 at 23:15 : "Incredible Holidays" sketch RD, MH DO NOTHING TILL YOU HEAR FROM ME JC Journalists sketch RD, RB I'M MAKING FACES AT THE MAN IN THE MOON JC, MH (RD trombone) Guard dog sketch RD, MH, RB, JC I GOT SPECIAL GLASSES PA SHANGHAI LIL PA & Company "Impressions by Solly Risenshine" 1 RB BALLAD OF AN UPSTAIRS WINDOW PA "Impressions by Solly Risenshine" 2 RB "Sports Second-hand" sketch (visual!) PA, RD, RB, JJM "Impressions by Solly Risenshine" 3 RB THE FLOWERS AND THE WINE PA Welsh telephonist sketch JC, MH, JJM, RD Bullet-proof vest gag RD Betting gag JJM, RB SURFIN' SAFARI PA & Company World's first book gag RB, JJM Reach for the Sky gag RB, RD Scouts production number The Company (RB, RD, MH, HP, JC)
Programme 6, broadcast 14th February 1971 at 23:15 : "Woman's Universe" sketch HP, MH I'VE GOT BETTER THINGS TO DO PA & Company I'LL GO MY WAY BY MYSELF JC Computer-written play sketch RD, MH, RB, JJM TOUCH HAS A MEMORY PA "The Belter Comic" sketch RD, JC, HP, JJM, RB I GOT A WOMAN PA & Company WINTER KEPT US WARM JC Executives sketch RD, RB, JJM, MH, PA SING A LITTLE SONG (Andrews Liver Schmaltz) JC Balaclava RB Flea trainer sketch JJM, RB THE STANDARDS OF TODAY JC "The Lone Crofter" sketch and production numbers The Company
Programme 7, broadcast 21st February 1971 at 23:20 : [can anyone help?]

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