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I'm not a complete novice - but only know the Lakeside Sessions, and a couple of others, like Beautiful Stranger, from last year's concert tour. That got me hooked - why oh why are these songs not better known?!

After a few months of being distraught for not getting hold of copies of the re-issued albums, I was delighted to come back here and see there are a few available. There are now a few fewer, and I can't wait for them to arrive!

I see that quite a few folk seem to have vinyl versions gathering dust now they have the albums on CD. I'd love to get come of the old records (esp. Secret Drinker and Live Libel) if anyone wants to clear some attic space!

Thanks for the time and effort put into the Smash Flops site - it is much appreciated, and I am spreading the word.

-- Kevin Griffiths

Something recently brought me back to the Atkin/James albums,and they sound better than ever. The (many) best of the songs still stand up there with those of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell - and I can give no higher praise. Thanks for all the news on the site: it's also good to discover that there are quite a few of us who've carried these songs in our heads & hearts for 30 years. And of course the greatest thanks to PA and CJ.

-- David Morgan

I am sooo excited. I remember being at the Together at Last concert and this Thursday I will be at the Melbourne Concert Hall. The albums have been enduring favourites of mine although in my immigration down-under my recordings got temp. mislaid - about 5 years ago I was reunited with my somewhat scratchy much played cassettes - magic. So, till the day after tomorrow, goodbye!

-- Amanda

Bought all 6 albums in the 70s. I thought both Pete & Clive had moved on to other things, forever. Browsing the web about three weeks ago I couldn't believe it when I saw they were performing relatively near, at Fareham. Needless to say my wife & I went and thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening. Met Pete & Clive after, but just couldn't find the words to sum up how important their songs had been to me, so I just shook Pete's hand and said "Thank you, so much" but he can't have known how many things I was thanking him and Clive for. I guess the most important one, right now, would be thanks for doing it for me, all over again!

Now listening to Winter Spring every night - something I haven't done with any recording, probably since the 70s.

-- Brian Wills

Just saw Pete and Clive at Southend on Sea. An unforgettable night. Songs as funny and achingly beautiful as ever, Clive on great form. Fantastic.

-- Joe Stevens

First turned on to PA (and Steely Dan) in early 70s by listening to Kenny Everett plugging Revels to death. Why wasn't it a hit? Why didn't megastars like Elton John make stars of Pete & Clive by covering stuff like 30 year man, he's still got time. Will Pete's "This Sceptred Isle" have an extra episode covering the failings of the Brit music industry?

-- Gordon Scott

After a 25 year gap, I saw Pete and Clive at Warwick Arts Centre on Sunday last! I saw Pete at UCL originally. Have replaced my old vinyl copy of "Beautiful Stranger" with a shiny CD which I have played daily since.....I thoroughly enjoyed the concert, but would have loved more songs.

-- Jenni Bradbury

As someone in his early 30s, who was only 7 when punk happened, let alone when Pete & Clive were in their 'heyday', I'm probably not typical of the MV members profile, but, on the recommendation of Robb Johnson I gave these obcure ancient recordings a spin, and lo, here I am, a new convert to the cause. As an aspiring songwriter, I now have someone else to fail to live up to.

-- Mark Whyatt

Well, what joy came from a dimly heard edition (I was dozing after the pub!) of 'Loose Ends'with Pete & Clive talking about the tour, mentioning the website and Yes! The Albums. Logged on the next day, ordered the 3 double CD's (Excellent Value by any standards). The rest of the week has been spent listening to the downloaded clips and exploring. Best of all, I only ever had the last four albums, so I have two mostly new ones to look forward to. Now when are they going to get here? 25 years is one thing, but these last few days are quite another.

-- Alastair McCraw

First heard Pete Atkin late one night on the radio singing "Carnations on the Roof". Didn't find out it was about a funeral until I bought the record & read the lyrics! Bought all the albums as they came out & was hooked. Even saw Pete some years later when he was singing at Exeter University. When I asked if I could take a photo of him as he rehearsed he said "Who, me??" and was really modest. It's great to hear all those songs again, can't wait to get the new CDs.

-- Grace Powell

As a closet PA/CJ fan since about 1973 (except for Live Libel, which I bought at the time but always thought was a major mistake - why didn't See for Miles reissue Secret Drinker separately !), it is wonderful to see the revival of interest and I can't wait to see them on tour.

-- Peter Grout

What a wonderful website. I have loved Pete and Clive's songs since i first saw Pete singing Beware of the Beautiful Stranger years ago on the Old Grey Whistle Test. Still one of my most favourite songs. Thanks for all the clever, funny, sad and inspired songs. Hope you guys go on for ever.

-- Delia Walters, Australia

We were in the front row at last night's show at the Pleasance - what a great fringe event!!

-- Arthur & Katrina Barlow

I have just received today the A King At Nightfall/The Road Of Silk double CD which is playing as I type and to hear "Perfect Moments" in all its subdued splendour is all I need at this moment in my life.

-- Terry Levitt

I am The Master Of The Revels! See I was on the folk club circuit in the 1970s myself as a singer/songwriter. I often ran into Pete although I'm sure he wouldn't remember me now. I have a vinyl version of DTMA! Any offers? I have the CDs now!

-- Julian the Juggler

I am a 38-year old Japanese man. I remember it was thirteen years ago when I heard Julie Covington's "Dancing in the dark" on the FM radio. No one knew her around me, no LPs nor CDs were at shop ("Rock Follies" has not been broadcasted in Japan). That had been the first and the last time to listen to her voice until I found this site.

Now I have two "Beautiful Changes" CDs (one is for playback, another is for backup :-) ) that bring me her warm songs again. Thank you for re-issue CDs and maintaining this Web site!

-- Haruo Toda, Niigata, Japan

A few months back my wife and I were discussing our all time favorite music and remembered those songs of Pete Atkin & Clive James. Although we hadn't heard them for many years we recalled so many of them and added several to our list. For the next few weeks we both had those songs going round in our heads almost continuously, occasionally checking with each other on partially-forgotten lyrics. Eventually we had to haul out the old record deck and those six albums and re-listen to them. What joy! We'd attended several of their shows in Cambridge way back in the 70's but never knew anyone else that had even heard of the pair. Since that was now some 20 odd years ago we assumed that they were long forgotten.

And then a few weeks back my wife heard the Clive James 'Desert Island Discs' program and a mention that they might be getting together again for another album, which, in turn led us to this website.

What a shock! I'd never imagined that there was such a following after all this time. And it's also good to discover that it's not simply nostalgia, that there's a chance to see Pete on stage again, and that I can now return my aging record player to the loft and replace those worn records with shiny new CDs.

-- David Allen

I was privileged to be able to interview Pete, and then Pete + Clive during the 1970's when, as a student at Nottingham University, I freelanced for BBC Radio Nottingham. I missed their music dreadfully until friend Barry sent me a copy of the re-released CD - joy at Christmas. I can't wait for the others to come out. I shall be at Bath in March.

-- James Clifton

I travelled from Edinburgh for the concert in MK yesterday and it was more than worth the journey. Thanks for a terrific evening.

-- Teresa Holligan

I'd just like to second Andy Cooper's comment: nobody better deserves such a well constructed web site. After nearly thirty years it was great to hear Pete and Clive on the radio again the other weekend. True talent prevails!

-- Stephen Chivers

Oh my lord! I am not alone. Great website, & literate and informed participants. Thanx for the info on the R2 broadcast which was a revelation. Having lost my Atkin & James LPs it was good to hear the songs again.

-- Thomas McBrearty

Really enjoyed the website and the recent R2 broadcast. I'm a big fan of Julie Covington and after 22 years of trying to find a copy of The Beautiful Changes I was delighted to see that it had been released on CD. This has got to be some of Julie's finest work, the Ice Cream Man is great. Any chance she will make further appearances in concert with you? Keep up the good work on the website!!

-- Kim Popplewell

Cliches (with a [South London] accent) exist because they are: so...... "I couldn't believe it when I discovered that I'm not the only one who still lingers longingly over the Pete/Clive collaborations". My introduction to the poems-set-to-song was in 1970 when, as a 17 yr old experiencing the heady (that's NOT rude!) thrill of First Love, I was "dragged" along by my beloved Ruth to the upstairs of a pub in Dulwich to hear "poetry" by this young Aussie guy and his mate singing along to some of the stuff. I was from Peckham; Ruth from the "right side of the tracks" - but I was In Love. So forced myself I did. Well, although she will always be sequested within a corner of an aorta, while the love affair with Ruth is no more, that of the Pete & Clive songs have remained eternal. "£10 from the bank and I got out of town with relief....". The Magic lives: so it seems. Saturday August 12th, 8.00, is in my diary. The Beautiful Stranger, in my heart - for always. Thanks a lot P&C. You helped me grow up (sort of) - and escape Peckham!

-- John Gordon

What a fab website! I discovered Pete via a 'Sounds of the Seventies profile in 1975, and finally got all the albums by the end of the 1970s. I think I was the only person who sent Pete a fan letter in 1975 since when I saw him in concert at Warwick University in 1978/79 he remembered it! Pete's music never got the recognition it deserved because it adhered to no current trend - which is why it is now getting a revival, despite Pete's omission from all the rock encyclopaedia's you can get - apart from the NME's 1977 version. Brill website - keep the good work up!

-- Jon Preece

I heard CJ on Desert Island Discs yesterday and I feel that I can understand better where he is coming from. Being in the "too young" camp I have always been sad at not having seen PA live. As a new surfer - a luddite one - this website is the first evidence that the internet is not just a vehicle for Satan. BRAVO!

-- Kevin West

I was pleasantly surprised to have found this site, especially containing so much in great depth about Pete Atkin. I suppose I'm a bit young compared to most PA fans. I was a mere 6-16 year old during the seventies, but my brother had Beware of the Beautiful Stranger and a King at Nightfall, and I loved them. I eventually added to these over the years most of the other albums. However, I must confess to a dark period in my life. When I was particularly broke one time as a student, I flogged most of my records to a second hand shop so that I could put some food in my belly. It was a big mistake, because this music is very underrated stuff - highly original and eminently melodic. I am now going to try and build back as much of this collection as I can (all help appreciated), and I'm looking forward to doing so. Listening to the RealPlayer files brings back a lot of good memories - Girl on the Train was probably one of my all time favourites. Anyway, I could blab all day. Just glad to have found this place.

-- Angus Maciver

I too am looking forward to getting down to St George's Bristol on 30 May! I look forward to seeing all you other 'enthusiasts' there (if you haven't already booked a ticket shame on you - 0117 923 0359 - there I've given you the number so you have no excuse!)

-- Joe Thompson

I am 24 but on my 21st birthday, my friend gave me a lift home, he was listening to a tape I asked him what it was, he said Pete Atkin! They explained that they discovered these old albums that their Dad listened to at the time, I loved the lyrics and found out more about Pete on your website and told them about it, they went to Monyash in'97, I since got the Beautiful Stranger/Mythical America CD and I love it, My friends Mark & Paul who are brothers will hopefully be travelling down with myself to Bristol on May 30.

The great thing I love about Atkin's songs is that you can have a picture of what the song is all about when you listen to it.

Me liking Pete Atkin's music is rather unusal because my own favourite style of music is Synthpop/Industrial/EBM and Darkwave!

-- Emilio Verrecchia

I remember seeing Pete and Clive- hang on, should that be Derek and Dud?... no... o.k... i remember seeing them both (separately) on- was it 'Up Sunday' or 'Whatever Next?' ?- (Clive being 'Lord Butchfield' in one skit)- and obtaining the (sadly now lost in the mists of time 'Beautiful Stranger' Phonographic album as a result. I do have in my possession the 'Master of the Revels' Phonographic album (although less wood was mixed into the vinyl in this instance- which is perhaps not a bad thing)- and I have to say the line 'Thirty years in the racket...' still pops into my mind on an almost tri-daily basis... so I guess, what with 'Beautiful Stranger' being Frimley (Surrey) lodged in the back of my mind, along with the line '... the silver coins in your pocket are shining in envy of the moon...' which I haven't heard for many a year, and who's name escapes me... err... I digress... What I mean to say is how great it is to hear that the collaboration continues- and please pass on my thanks for the pleasure I've taken in listening to these songs.

For Julie Covington; (having just slipped in a word or two about Pete and Clive)- still have the 'Don't Cry for me Argentina' single (as commented on elsewhere- definitive), also 'Only Women Bleed'- remember you too on 'Rock Follies' , and the cracking version you did, (ably assisted by Mr. Atkin) of 'After You've Gone'- What can I say- except- don't be a (beautiful) stranger.....

-- Paul Bolland

No artist could deserve such a lovingly maintained site better!

-- Andy Cooper

Hells Bells there are albums after Secret Drinker that I don't have!

-- George Sealy

This web site is incredible. I thought PA had gone forever, and cursed not buying a chord book 20 years ago - now they're all here for free.

I remember seeing PA with CJ in Hull Oct 75. Philip Larkin sneaked into the back and after a few minutes walked out (in disgust?)

-- Peter Young

What would we do without the internet. How would we keep alive these semi-nostalgic connections to the heroes and influences of our formative years!

-- Graham Owen

I was too young to know about Pete when he was first around but a boy I went to school with played me Beware Of The Beautiful Stranger in 1989 and I was hooked. Like most of the people who've written here I felt the lyrics were written just for me - I can honestly say that they got me through my teenage angst years! I still regularly find myself sitting in a dark room at midnight with headphones on silently mouthing all the words to classics like "The Flowers & The Wine", "Faded Mansion On The Hill" and, well, basically everything he did.

So glad to see he's still around and that I'm not the only one keeping his music alive. If my skill were greater, fears were less...

-- Mia Davies

Absolutely marvellous. The entire canon on CD ASAP. Have you got a Biro I can borrow?

-- Chris Foulds

Looking for Jake Thackray found this wonderful site. PA and CJ were once my gods. So now I truly am in heaven thank you. Will write a lot more soon. Let the world know I am a happy man.

-- Tony Feldon this guy I haven't seen for 25 years gives me a call - he saw my name somewhere and wanted to see if it was the same me. Within minutes, I had heard about the website, the Midnight Voices, and the 7th album. Glad to be here.

-- Dave Henderson

Finally! The web page! Keep it flowing.

-- Rod Goodman -- We've been here three years Rod, where were you?

My first interest was the Clive James connection. We were friends when he was at Sydney university and I feature in his autobiography under another name (very other! ... Keith Cameron! ... at least he got the initials right!). Clive sent me a copy of the LP "Driving Through Mythical America" many years ago and Alas! it arrived so warped that it was unplayable. Recently I lucked on the CD re-issue of DTMA and BOTBS and love them to death. I have just ordered "Beautiful Changes". Is there any way I can obtain other records or tapes? I think Pete Atkin is one of the most interesting performers I have heard ... right up there with Dory Previn!

-- Kate Cummings

I would like to say sorry to Pete for ruining the opening schedule of his gig in a pub in North London, by shouting for "Driving Through Mythical America" it was youthful enthusiasm (circa 72). Everyone else had their fingers in their ears, wanting "Honky Tonk .." something. Each week I would scan Time Out looking for forthcoming venues. Of course, all the lyrics were written just for me, probably a sentiment shared by everyone else who have chosen to comment here.

Thank you for ..."long fingernails that tap a brittle rhythm on the glass" ..."that ball needs a re-gun I said shelling out"..."slowly but surely my life came to flower again" Thank you for all the words.... thank you for all the music. Anyone remember "What are you doing after the show"?

-- Murray Campbell

There was a time, when we were young, that words and music could go straight to the heart. God, I miss it! This stuff takes me back so vividly that I just don't know what to say, even though it's a delight to discover this group of fans still talking. My records have developed scratches over the years, and the reel-to-reel recorded tapes have mouldered in the garage. The early snowfalls lift into the air ...

-- Sylfest Muldal

Congratulations on the website.Now I know why the Internet was invented!

-- Jeremy Newton

I shouldn't say anything because I embarass myself with my sycophancy towards this guy.

-- Andrew Boff

Great to hear Pete Atkin is still performing and the Buxton gig will be the climax to a weekend of walking in the Peak District for me and some friends. Happy memories from the 70s when we saw PA in Croydon Fairfield Hall and spent hours listening to the great lyrics - when time was easier to come by!.

-- Rob Coles

I've only just stumbled across this page by accident after about a year of its existence - amazed to find so many people out there who've actually heard of PA! I was a great fan back in the early 70s but by now had almost forgotten him - my interest has been renewed and I've bought the CD. Excellent stuff - my only problem now is catching up with all the previous correspondence...

-- Paul Gunningham -- Thanks Paul. In fact the Web site's been going for over two years, it's our Midnight Voices mailing list that's just celebrating its first anniversary (September 1998). Index of Midnight Voices messages.

Wonderful music from such a good and kind person. I'd love to buy a million copies of the CD.

-- Lesley Hodges

How wonderful to find this web site. My name is Steve and, as seems common on this site, I'm in my early forties and work in the City. Some of my most sublime moments have been spent listening to Pete Atkin. In 1970 (I think it was) we booked Pete to play in our 6th form common room at school. That night alot of spotty kids grew up and understood that there was more to lyrics and music than the current top 20 chart. Afterwards, Pete needed a ride back to Rickmansworth station and I bundled him into my battered and tiny Hillman Imp and had a delightful chat with the charming man, eventually pouring him and his guitar out of the tiny bucket seat and onto the Metropolitan Line.

-- Stephen Coles

Pete was my senior manager when I worked at BBC Bristol in the late 80's early 90's. He made a point of
(a) not talking a lot about his musical past
(b) wearing odd socks every day.
It was great to hear him on Radio 2 this morning (Dec 27th).

-- Stephen Lynas

[This one for Julie] :

I purchased when Evita was first released the tape.
I went to see Evita when Elaine Paige played the role.
I bought the video with Madonna.

I have just purchased the CD with you singing the lead - I enjoyed it the first time but the CD at full volume in the car is phenomenal. No one sings Evita like you.


-- Dave Nicholson

At last!! After all these years I have discovered I have a family!! I thought I was the only one.......26 years after buying "Beware of the beautiful Stranger", music which tormented and delighted me then and which haunts me to this very day..... How many others identified with "Rider to the world's end "!! Clive, what did you do to us!!?? More please!!!!!!

-- Dave Robinson

Place to be! I won Beautiful Stranger from Pete's own fair hands in a folk club raffle way back when (on Philips - none of yout Johnny-come-lately RCA re-releases) but I bought all the rest. And the Julie C. And yes, I want to hear Canoes again - watching Apollo 13 brought it back to me. Anyone got 'We're just friends?'

-- Roy Brown

Heard Clive James talking to Johnny Walker (in for John Dunn) on Radio Two Wednesday afternoon (3 December); heard about the CD soon to be released. Wow! Got all his albums on vinyl and no way to play them! Can't wait. Interviewed PA once in the seventies for hospital radio in Hackney - then went to see a play he appeared in. Great guy. Not many "stars" would spend a couple of hours sitting in a makeshift studio talking to about two listeners up in the wards, and a mesmerised DJ!

-- Bob Kingsley

... So it wasn't until Pete told me on the telephone (now there’s a piece of modern technology I'm reasonably comfortable with) that I realised this electronic coffee-house existed, and then I had to find someone in my very busy production office who knew how to hack into it, and then I couldn't justify, bottom-linewise, the time he took to do it, let alone justify the time it would have taken me to catch up with the information streaming in and out of what sounded like the digital equivalent of the Platonic Dialogues. Now I've seen the complete print-out, and I get the point.

... That one of the midnight voices of my own fate should be the music of Pete Atkin continues to rank high among the blessings of my life, and on my behalf as well as his I bless you all for your attention.

-- Clive James (on Midnight Voices, via Midnight Voices). Full text.

Thank you for finding Julie Covington! Now I've found her again. It's been twenty years but she's as good as ever. It's nice that you two still work on projects together, you harmonize pretty good. Nice site, nice links. Sorry to hear Kenny Everett died. I've been in out of England since 1986, when did he die? Sadly missed!

-- Rose Dempsey -- Thank you Rose. Kenny died April 4th, 1995, of an AIDS-related illness.

I've always loved their stuff - brilliant. My most favourite music bar none, except for Joni on some days!! Came across them via Derek Jewell's radio 3 programme - I can almost recall the bath I was in when I first heard him play Driving Through Mythical America. That was enough, I was hooked. Lost the albums through divorce and my taped copies are the pits now, so today to discover the website courtesy of Q mag has been magic, and to know the albums are being re-released.... Well I can't wait. Can we persuade Bob Harris to play a track??

-- Roger May -- We can try! Everyone e-mail Bob Harris,

... it seemed a complete triumph - glorious weather, a beautiful setting, nearly 3 hours of Pete Atkin - and Julie Covington too. Extraordinary. The most pleasing thing was that Pete was as good as ever - I was particularly struck by the fact that his voice seemed, if anything, better than I've heard it. The appearance of Julie Covington was a wonderful surprise - marvellous to hear her singing again. I've always thought she's one of the best interpretors of a song I've heard. Together, Julie and Pete must represent two of the great 'lost' talents in UK music. Do you think See for Miles can now be persuaded to release The Beautiful Changes on CD??

-- Mike Walters/Christine Guilfoyle

Pete Atkin's session rates as the most enjoyable concert I've ever attended; the atmosphere was so wonderful and friendly, his enthusiasm really came across, and his music and voice seem completely undiminished.

-- Steve Payne

We'd never heard of this guy until we got involved with the festival. Why not - he is brilliant. Probably one of the best (and longest) live performances we've ever seen. It was a thrill to see Julie Covington and Brent Mason was another pleasant surprise. An excellent festival; one we were thrilled to be involved with. Thank you very much.

-- Kath and Geoff Deighton (Penny Bun)

... and to hear Julie play those numbers from Beautiful Changes - I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!

-- Leslie Moss

... I live in Hawaii now - can he come tour?

-- Sue Ki Wilcox

... he is worth every bit of praise sent his way (I think CJ turned into an old buffoon, but that's just my opinion). Pity about the career fading out: he was (is) worth ten of some of his contemporaries who still bask in the glow of fame.

-- Dave Jones

Wonderful news - I never thought I'd hear "Canoe" again - saw PA & CJ do it live at the Shaw Theatre many years ago, when it was due to be on the next album which never appeared.

-- John Morrison

It must've been 1970 on a late-night TV programme called (I think) 'The Party's Over' that a bloke called Russell Davies introduced Pete singing 'Senior Citizens'. From that moment I was utterly hooked. Bought all the albums, told everyone I knew how brilliant I thought Pete (and Clive) were, but no-one else ever seemed interested. Imagine how I feel discovering this web site...

-- Don Bowen

Glad I found the site - are there really loads of PA fans in the country, I thought I was the only one (do we all say that?)

-- Neil Norman

When, in 1985, I became the first person to be made (voluntarily!) redundant by BBC Local Radio, the last thing I played on the air as I said goodbye as a salaried staff-man was 'Master of the Revels'.

-- Graeme Aldous

For moments such as this was the Internet created. No need to drink with A Practical Man when the distribution network you need is right here. My CD of Touch Has A Memory is a poor substitute for the vinyl originals I scratched and warped in the 70's and 80's. Tell me where to send the cheques - tie the brush into my hands.

-- Gordon Rae

Saw him in the Telegraph "Connected" section. My Dreams Are Troubled is one of the finest tunes I think I've ever heard. Can I get hold of any CD's?

-- Cliff Jones -- We're working on it, Cliff -- S

I hardly knew of Pete Atkin before coming here, but as a fan of both Julie Covington and Clive James it was inevitable Alta Vista would lead me here. This is probably the best place on the web for them as well as for Pete (which is why a Covington fan page is badly needed). I wonder if I'm the first Pete fan to be won by your web site. After listening to Canoe I'm captivated. I wish I could be at Monyash.

-- John Robinson -- We're working on the JC page too, John -- S

Great to hear news of a vastly underrated talent. Putting it simply, Pete and Clive's songs were too far ahead of their time and probably just too good full stop to attract a mass audience ... Whenever I see Clive having a sly dig at Margaretha Pracatan, I wish I could remind him of the night at Leeds Poly when Pete got him up to do a duet of "That's All Right Mama"; though I have succeeded in obliterating the singing from my memory I will never forget Clive's flares and clogs.

-- John Whitehead

I'll give you all the kingdoms and principalities of the earth if you make .rams of all the songs and put them on a CD. Can't say fairer than that, can we?

-- Benjamin Peterson -- A tough one to resist, Ben -- S

THANK YOU so much! I've been searching the web for a couple of years to see if Pete is there! Have very fond memories of his work. How can I get a copy of his CD or any other works? Look forward to hearing from you, and thanks again for putting him on the web! Love this monumental and inspired singer!

-- Derrick Palmer

I can't make Monyash but I'd like details of future venues. What a brilliant resource these pages are!

-- Martin Eldon

As an 18 year old at Plymouth Poly in 1973, I failed the course, but passed advanced drinking, all to the background of A King at Nightfall. The only thing I regret is not taking the album off my mate when I left. We managed to wear out Wristwatch for a Drummer, I seem to remember, dimly, singing it halfway up Mutley Plain, on hands and knees (I sing better that way, but it takes a fair amount of alcohol to achieve the desired effect). Ah those were the days.

-- Colin Butcher

Brilliant! I have had a wonderful evening rediscovering those songs that I thought everyone else had forgotten.

Clive - those lyrics sparkle
Pete - the music sends shivers down my spine

What artistry.

Bring on the CDs

-- Nick Munton

Congratulations on the Atkin Web site - an unlikely dream come true for the small but select group of true believers!

-- Mike Walters

I had forgotten how brilliant he is until a clip was played on R4 Kaleidoscope last Friday. I remember him doing the final song on a tv review series some years ago. Is there a 'best of' or are any of the original albums still available?

-- David Sinfield

Maybe we should bring the man to Boston, MA. That's where I live now and they are singer/songwriter crazy here and there are few to match Pete and Clive although there are some pretty good ones.

-- Jeremy Solomons

Thanks for your email re tickets. Just to let you know that my brother, who is also on your mailing list, is purchasing tickets for me as well. As you know, I will be over from Canada for this concert.

-- Jeff Moss

Thank you very much for all the information. As a Pete Atkin fan in remission your excellent web page has helped rekindle my interest and memories. I hope I can make it in August (but might be out of the country). Anyway thanks to you I was able to enjoy the recent performance and look forward to future opportunities.

-- Ian Lindsay

I came across an old tape the other day and stuck it on the cassette to see what was on it. Three bars (of music) later it was 1975 and I was back at university. Sadly, the tape (Beware of the Beautiful Stranger taped from an already dodgy LP) has seen better days, so I immediately tried to find the album on CD. Searched everywhere to no avail, so I just stuck the name into Alta Vista and suddenly here I am, communicating with one of the few other people who appear ever to have heard of the great man. The revival is long overdue - as is the release on CD. Keep up the good work.

-- Steve Chambers

Just want to say that his records are superb and I have them all.

-- Peter Hipsey

Saw him at Hale End. Wondered if it would all seem a long time ago. Actually, it was wonderful. Forceful, melodic, witty, entertaining, and the best £3.50's worth I've had in a long time....

-- Claire Hunt

Thank you, thank you. What an utter joy the Internet is. I'm just astonished to find this Home Page. I saw Pete at a folk club in Gillingham around 1974 and I went to see them both at the Together At Last tour (Shaw Theatre I think). I still put the scratched old albums on but after the awful Q review of the compilation cd, I thought that was the last I'd hear of him. The man was/is a musical genius.

I've picked up the lyrics to 'Canoe' and I'm astonished I remembered it so well - it must be a fine song. I'll be looking out for it. Any idea how I can get across the fact that a 28.8 modem is a household priority????

Keep the flame burning - 'a razzle dazzle kind of glamour in the sky'.

-- Colin Little

What a splendid surprise this is! Fantastic work! I'll be accessing it regularly for updates.

-- John Ross

This is the first time I have used the internet for anything serious. After looking at the usual things that you do when first connecting I decided to key in Pete Atkin. When I was about ten years old (1973) I was given my first cassette recorder. My father was in the RAF band and a friend of his gave my first tape. It had no title but 'Pete Atkin' was written on the label. That tape was absolutely brilliant but I have never heard of him since. What a surprise tonight when I found all these web sites (20 years later).

-- David Morgan

I thought Pete Atkin was pretty good and liked his music (and still do). I knew him (well I've got his autograph a couple of times and had a few beers with him). But that was years ago.... I thought I had all his albums but on seeing your information I realise I am mssing a few....

-- Tim Binsted

Pete Atkin & Clive James, by the standards they set, junked a very expensive record collection I had 25 years ago but left me with 6 albums of lasting value. Its about time they got together again.

-- John Duncan

A wonderful home page first introduced to me by the man himself ... a paradigm no less.

-- Mark Wing-Davey

I can't wait to see / hear Pete again ... I remember many happy evening at his house in Hackney where we would sit for hours listening to records, drinking coffee and just chatting. Pete will probably also remember my driving him home from a gig in Southend in my tiny Fiat 850. There was him, me a friend of mine and Pete's two guitars all crammed in! Happy Days!

-- Dave Bondy

Great to see Pete Atkin on the WWW! He has several followers among my usual crowd on the Al Stewart mailing list.

-- Charlie Hulme

I wish you luck with your festival. As I live in Sweden I will presumably not manage to get over to see Pete there (I belong to the category "students during the early seventies who saw him several times"). I remember the first time I heard him "Master of the Revels" on Old Grey Whistle Test. I had/have several Peel sessions on tape (very old, low quality, just-about-make-out-the-words-over-the-hiss tape) and they were among my most played at college (him and Peter Hammill - what a combination. Hammill is still going so why not Pete Atkin also?). A new album from Pete - great idea.

-- David Griffin

I came upon your site in a rather roundabout way through having searched for info on Kenny Everett.

I was a great fan of the late lamented Kenny during the late 60s and early 70s. The sound clips you featured on the Pete Atkin page I remember clearly; in fact, I have a large number of (ageing!) reel-to-reel tapes from Kenny's radio shows.

I remember Pete's songs from the 70s and rather lost touch with what happened to him in subsequent years. I was amazed to discover that Clive James was the lyric writer; he's one of my favorite TV presenters. I always liked Pete's songs and would very much like to see them issued on CD. It would be great if Clive James were to have him on one of his chat shows (if he hasn't already that is, I missed a number of them).

-- David Daish

I saw Pete a couple of times in the 70's, probably at the University of Kent and BOTBS is still my favourite album (of its type). I still perform a couple of their songs - BOTBS, "Ballad of an upstairs window" at the local folk club and I'm working on Errant Knight but haven't quite sussed it yet. I'd often wonderer what happened to Pete and whether the Pete Atkin referred to on Radio 4 was one and the same, now I know! The wonders of the information age - there must be a song in there somewhere!

-- Chris Harris

In the '70s my school friends and I were very into Pete Atkin. I have 2 or 3 of the albums and the song book. I would dearly love to get hold of the CD compilation. And I hope that RCA will see fit to rerelease at least some if not all of the albums. Can anyone help me in getting the CD "Touch Has A Memory"? I would take 5 to give to my old friends, but one will do!

-- Charles d'Orban

You deserve congratulations for creating this site. I picked up the Eastbourne date from a recent web search but it was too soon and too far for me to arrange a trip (I was moving house anyway). I know of many people who would sacrifice body parts to see Pete Atkin live or be able to buy the records, especially on CD. As Clive James says in one of his volumes of autobiography, the lyrics are the best thing he has ever done and if there is any way they can be persuaded to work together again I am sure that they would enjoy much greater commercial success than before.

-- Mike Powell

Amazing to find PA on the web. I think that when I saw there was a web site for ...Pete Atkin (!?) it was one of those epiphanic moments when you realise how pervasive the net really is. It ranks alongside the time when I asked in if anyone had the chords to Jake Thackray's "Sister Josephine", and received them almost immediately from a bloke in Texas(!)

-- Jeremy Walton

I have been trying to replace my Pete Atkin albums for years - one of them is badly damaged. I enquired about cd's when I was home in England this summer, and could only find one reference to a release - and that was catalogued as Clive James. By the way, we were neighbours of Clive James in London for a few years. We love the web-site.

-- Frances Kemmish

The Legend lives. A fan club headed by Mike and Feliz Bennett keeps the flame alive in Kuala Lumpur.

-- Mike Bennett

Hi Steve - isn't the web a great place; I logged on to look for the lyrics of Beware of the Beautiful Stranger and there they were - thanks for the effort.

I'm delighted to here that PA is still playing on occasion. I gathered most of his albums during the seventies, they still get played at parties when things quieten down. I remember when I lived in London there was a chance to hear him in Croydon but I couldn't get there on the night - that was the nearest I got.

-- John Harris

I've often quoted "Wristwatch For A Drummer" as one of the best song lyrics EVER, now I know where to refer if I can't find my copy of the album.

-- Steve Crook

He used to play regularly at our school (University College School, Hampstead, London) - he was matey with David Lund who taught English and ran the school theatre. I've lost all of the (5?) albums I had, so am relying on cranky old tape copies. I still remember his performances as great songs with great links between them.

-- Simon Reap

Steve, Hi There, It has been great to read your info on these pages. I had to print out the lyrics from a couple of numbers just to check that I had remembered all the verses and rhymes. I find they are great therapy, trying to repeat them on the way to work... lots of NUTS around these days !!

I first heard of Pete Atkin via a Kenny Everett Sat. AM Prog in the spring of 1970; my tape still lets me hear KE playing Master of the Revels (twice), and he introduces the track as "..being by the all-time mystery I won't tell you who he is...." . Kenny reveals all later in the show, for which I will always be thankful.

-- Steve Salt

Well done for setting this up - about time too. I'll be spreading the word where I can.

-- Roger Barnett

I was searching and idly put in Julie Covington's name (another brilliant obscurity, her Evita seems definitive). I was very interested in your piece about Pete Atkin. I have all the Atkin/James records and concluded their lack of success was due to the need to listen carefully and many times to get all the references.

I would be very pleased to hear more, in particular any chance of any other gigs?

-- Barry Miles

I was delighted to find the Pete Atkin home page you are setting up - I've bookmarked it and will return frequently to see how it's progressing.

I'm surprised, given what you can get these days on CD reissues, that there isn't more Pete Atkin about. Indeed I didn't know about "Touch Has A Memory" until I read your discography. I suppose it's been deleted now, but we'll try the local dealers just in case. Do you know of any plans to release any more? Can we start a movement?

-- Roger Cornwell

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