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Beware Of The Beautiful Stranger/Driving Through Mythical America by PETE ATKIN

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On 09/02/98 David Jones wrote :

Pete's existing fans need no extra encouragement to buy this CD, although even if you have vinyl originals it's a must-buy for the sound quality alone. But hang on to the originals - they'll be collectors items.

Anyone else: Pete crafts ingenious and subtle musical structures around lyrics by his friend and collaborator Clive James (yes, that one). Clive's lyrics are what you'd expect: funny, literate, ironic, never dull. Listen along as he falls in love with "The Girl on the Train" or learns the pitfalls of philandering in "Beware of the Beautiful Stranger". Explore the depths of meaning in "Faded Mansion on the Hill". Feel the stark reality of life and death in "No Dice".

Then come back here and ask Magpie/See for Miles to reissue the other albums, "A King at Nightfall", "The Road of Silk" and "Secret Drinker".

Join us on the Pete Atkin Web Site ( and in the Midnight Voices mailing list (details on the web page). Pete is back on the road. Live recordings are available !

Dave Jones

On 17/02/98 Tony Currie wrote :

I bought two copies, it's THAT good. And yes, it's THAT Clive James.
When are you going to issue the other 4 albums?

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