You, The Late-Night Reader

Lyric by Clive James, music by Pete Atkin

You, the late-night reader:
There were no dark secrets I could keep
And I think I can still recall the morning
You told me I'd been smiling in my sleep

And you, the late-night reader
You were sure my smile was meant to be
Just a prelude to the morrow's tender praises
For the memory of pleasures lent to me

But I might have been smiling in the way
That Eve dreamed with apples in her eye
On the peaceful night before the Fall
Before it all fell to pieces in a day

So you, the late-night reader
You missed the sleeping secret of my smile
It could have meant I wanted you beside me
For as long as your impatience could abide me
Or at any rate for more than just a while
Pete Atkin Discography