Who Said The Age Of Chivalry Was Dead?

Lyric by Clive James, music by Pete Atkin

Some daring men in stocking hoods today
Tied up a pregnent woman in the street
They shaved her hair and half her scalp away
And left it like a fire round her feet

Who said the age of chivalry was dead?
A bleeding heart deserves a bleeding head

Some dinky tot today got CBU
Fragmentation pellets through the chest
And all the doctor on the spot could do
Was keep the wounds and throw away the rest

Who said the age of chivalry was dead?
We stopped the kid from growing up a Red

     It's thriving still, the age of derring-do
     We've had another day of stirring deeds
     Today we flattened everything that grew
     The stuff that grew again had to be weeds
     We tore them up and blew away the seeds
     It's that kind of defending Freedom needs

The time, today; the place, a concrete cell
A two-year-old before his mother's eyes
Gets burned with cigarettes to make her tell
Which of her husband's dying words were lies
She'll finish living long before she dies

Who said the age of chivalry was dead
When so much gentle blood remains unbled?

Who said the age of chivalry was dead?
There are too many tears left to be shed.
Pete Atkin Discography