Ye Prelude To A Song

Lyric by Clive James, music by Pete Atkin

In times gone by they wrote their loved ones' praises
With a blinding wealth of flourished decoration
And still their famished adoration blazes
Through every winding polychrome enamelled capital,
Each fabulous untramelled loop and swirl
To show us on the heavy crinkled paper
The light, the right, the clever and the proper
Way to say "I love you"
When the lady is above you
But is partial to a show of dedication
Well, I haven't got the time
To go searching for a proparoxytonic rhyme
I don't possess the necessary nimble
Ability to build cathedrals in a thimble
That Petrarch had to tell a subtle story
In fourteen contrapuntal lines of glory
And I can't afford the gold leaf and the hair-fine brush
The lapis and the emerald dust and powdered pearl
To tell eternity I've got a desperate crush
On one extremely special gorgeous girl
No, my skill's not over-ample
So I'll have to keep it short
And I'm very short of money
So I'll have to keep it simple
So here it is —

I love you, honey
Pete Atkin Discography