The Night Is Young

Lyric by Clive James, music by Pete Atkin

I'll pack the drums in the back of the car
You take the front seat and nurse the guitar
There must be a hundred songs we haven't sung
The evening's over but the night is young

There's still a place we know not far from here
Just search your mind a bit and you will find it very near
The place is open all the year
Just waiting for you to appear

The hours after midnight are too good to miss
We've gone too far to let it end like this
The man at the stage door will tell you where we've gone
The scene is changing but the show goes on

Step on the gas or else you'll have to stand
You just might not be able to get a table near the band
Where you can reach out with your hand
And feel the bass-drum shake the stand

Sleep if you want to through the witching hours
You save your daylight while we're ditching ours
We need dark glasses to sleep all afternoon
To bed at sunrise, up with the moon

You don't need to be a star of stage and screen
Some kind of wheeled machine is all it takes to make the scene
Where no-one goes just to be seen
Or just to tell their friends they've been

Why should you live by day and die by night?
Even owls know how to love and fly by night
There are thousands of outlaws and thieves to fall among
The evening's over but the night is young

Pete Atkin Discography