Late Again

Lyric by Clive James, music by Pete Atkin (Footlights show opener)

Part One

Late again
Late again with the Footlights
The Footlights are on late again.

Late again
Late again at eleven
The seven are here late again.

Late again
It's an opening number
We're lumbered with one yet again.

Late again
So let's get into action
The action is here late again.

Part Two

We're late, everybody's late
We're all on time again so it must be Zen
Or maybe you could call it fate
We're late again.

We're in, everybody's in
And at the bar they've finished saying when
So pardon us if we begin
We're late again.

We're here, everybody's here
Another day has just an hour to run
But even if the end is near
We've just begun.
Pete Atkin Discography