Just For Me (Amy's Blues)

(Words and music by Pete Atkin)
Oh please, professor, would you take a request?
I just know that you can make it
I need to hear the music I love the best
I'm pretty certain you can fake it

Play me a song that's kinda bluesy-feelin', creepin', stealin', loose and easy-rollin'
'Cause what I'm needin' right now is somethin' I can really put my heart and soul in
Just let those blue notes ring loud and clear
'Cause when I sing the blues my blues disappear
So won't you play one just for me

I've sung in pubs, I've sung in clubs, for scouts and cubs and boozy businessman conventions
In legion halls, at debby balls, and other choice venues too numerous to mention
I've sung all kinds of song in my time
But right now any other kind is a crime
So come on, play one just for me

     This kind of music will not be denied
     If you try to fight it, it'll drive you crazy
     But go with the flow, and ride with the tide
     You'll come up fresh as a daisy

So roll those changes round, that same old sound is what I crave to save my sinkin' spirit
It only takes a little while to make me smile every time I hear it
Right now I need a song that's alive
A song to tell the world I'm gonna survive
This time, this one's just for me
Oh please, professor
This time, this one's just for me

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