A Traitor In Our Midst

(Words and music by Pete Atkin)
Well OK - You're supposed to be the boss
But how can you pretend that nothing's changed
How can we continue?
Seems there's little point in trying
'Cause nothing is the same
All the talk is bitchy
Tempers are frayed
And trigger-fingers itchy
And I get no co-operation
What I need is co-operation
Right Now

All I know is someone's done the doublecross
And all I know for sure is it's not me
I can't stand the aggro
Knowing someone here is lying
Me I'm in the clear
Why can't you trust me?
I was never here
Why should they try to bust me?
And how come you never asked me?
Why did you never ask me
Until now?

Oh I guess I should have seen it coming
Ever since that first time on the run
Ever since you first carried a gun

Too bad - 'cause now there's no time to be lost
Split up right away, don't use the phones
Boy what a fiasco
Just when everything was humming
But every second counts
Now we've been seen here
If they choose to pounce
They mustn't know we've been here
And it looks like the party's over
Seems like the whole deal's over
Right now

Oh it feels like I hardly know you
It feels like I never knew you
So what now?
So what now?
So what now?

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