Here Comes Tomorrow

Written by Pete Atkin

I've lost today, here comes tomorrow
Yesterday's footsteps I didn't follow
I'll start again when tomorrow's new
Look at the world in the light of a new day's dawn
When the sun shines through 

On the road where the rain's now falling
I'm walking here thinking how appalling
Yesterday was how I still recall
From here in the night where the dark is the only truth
And the truth is 

All I can see, no imagination
Yesterday speaks only condemnation 
Says because I fashioned you myself
Your cheeks and eyes all glow with
Health that I have given you and driven you to show that

You're just a figment of my imagination
A tiny fragment, a mere hallucination

I can't seem to get away from
Try as I may and I do all the day long
Somewhere today got lost between
What never was and what should have never been
Lost today, here comes tomorrow
Lost today, here comes tomorrow

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