Here There And Everywhere

New lyric by Barry Brown and Pete Atkin for the Revue 'Under Plain Cover'
(sung to the tune of Lennon & McCartney's 'Here There And Everywhere')

To lead a better life
My love needs fumigating

Chewing the lobe of her ear
Touching the long wavy hair of my love
I use rubber gloves
For I know what she's got in there

Holding my breath when she's near
She changes my life with a wave of her arm
But she means me no harm
When I [indistinct]

I tell her patiently
That if she would wash oh even just occasion'ly
Then they wouldn't ostracise her in the C-N-D
Polluting each day of the year
Aerosol sales double twice in one week
When she starts to speak
When anyone else is there

I have tried buying soap
But she looks at me as if I was some kind of joke
Says she doesn't like the colour so I give up hope
Maybe someday she will change
But the last time she changed was October last year
Will I leave, have no fear
But I love her just the same

But it's here there and everywhere
Here there and everywhere

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