Through A Glass Darkly

Written by Pete Atkin for the Revue 'Under Plain Cover'

Here we are at night under the stars
I hear the gentle rustle of the leaves
The murmur of the distant passing cars
The catch of your breath as it suddenly heaves

Summer night gives fragrance to the air
Its vapours rise with memories so dear
The warmth of your breath among my hair
And the gradual wafting odour of stale beer

It was one of these fabulous nights
Full of fabulous sights and sounds
So much music, so many lights
Not to mention all of those crowds

You mumble something incoherent about sweat
As we stand so close and watch the coming day
I feel your arm so strong around my neck
And if I let go your knees are sure to give way

How I love your casual poise
And your playful inane grin
And the sudden suggested noise
As your stomach copes with my gin

My fingers do your pallid sweaty brow
As your fingers try to soothe some part of me
All my life it seems is here and now
As you moan and scramble up towards my knee

I'd leave you if I thought you'd care
But I just can't leave you lying there
As the morning sun obliterates the moon
And also the pubs are open soon

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