Catch It If You Can

Written by Pete Atkin for BBC TV 'Play Away'
Performed by Brian Cant and Jonathan Cohen with the 'Play Away' players

Will you remember when?
Will you remember how?
Will you recall today?
Catch it if you can before it slips away

Do you remember then?
Will you remember now?
Will you recall the laughter?
Catch it if you can and it's happy ever after

Some days are like a song
And as they roll along
The notes go by so fast
Catch 'em if you can and make the good ones last

Try to make 'em last
Hold on to 'em fast
Keep 'em for yourself
Store 'em on the shelf
Hold them in your hand
Catch them if you can

Let the moment come
And let the moment go
Now you see it, now you don't
Catch it if you will or lose it if you won't

And everybody knows
That everybody grows
And goes their separate ways
Catch it if you can and one small moment stays
Just a moment stays
Catch it if you can
Catch it if you can

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