Did You Get Them From The Garden Centre?

(alternative lyric by Roy Brown)

Though quite romantic when it starts
It moves to broken auto parts
As if to mark my latest car indenture
But back with you, my feelings run
I could not love you more by one iota
(I need a new rear wing for my Toyota)
Ever since its gatepost misadventure

J Alfred Prufrock getting on
All hope of job advancement gone
He makes a 'click' with his ill-fitting denture
His growing sense of anomie
Reflects this changed economy - it's boring
That he should be reduced to credit scoring
So this, a loan, will be his last debenture

The Secret Drinker getting maud-
lin - highballs he cannot afford
Will put to flight his latest business venture
While management deliberate
Upon his thin proposal's fate, concluding
That they've no place for one so self-deluding
So on the phone, they'll set fees with Accenture

I saw the lovelight in your eyes
The lips that parted in surprise
As if to greet the hangman's tightening ceinture
But in this ruthless world, the screams
That populate my waking dreams are frightful
(Why yes, my dear, your freesias are delightful)
Did you get them from the Garden Centre?

Did you get them from the Garden Centre?
Did you get them from the Garden Centre?

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