Femme Fatale

It isn't fear I feel or lack of nerve, call it just a sensible reserve | D      | G9#7   | D      | G#7 G6 |
Faced with the intoxicating verve                                      | Bm     | E9     | G6     | G6     |
Of anyone who dazzles me like you                                      | Em     | Bb     | A      | A      |
The children turning flint-wheels in the mines looked pretty too       | E  F#7 | Am     | G      | G      |
And sparks were shaken out like golden rain                            | F      | C      |
And oh so very lovely were the loneliness and pain                     | F9     | F9     |
                                                                       | Am     | Am     | G      | G      |
                                                                       | F      | F      | C      | C      |
                                                                       | Am     | Am     | G      | G      |
                                                                       | F      | F      | A      | A7     |
It's not because I'm burning out or old
I hesitate to snuggle in the fold
Of body heat that really beats the cold
Though Icarus flew near the sun and fell
The chandeliers above the weeping fields looked warm as well
And flares would crumple down like fairy lights
And oh so very lovely were the long and fearful nights

It's all because you are too much for me
Too good to last, too beautiful to be
That you are doomed to be a casualty
Of the night-fight on my deeps of memory
A galleon with fire below falls glowing through the sea
And every mast shall tremble like a tree
And oh so very lovely shine the blast that breaks them free

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