I Wouldn't Hear A Word Against The Spring

I wouldn't hear a word against the spring
Whatever it decides is right with me
Say different and you'll have to fight with me
I wouldn't change a thing about the spring

I wouldn't have it any other way
However many trees may claw the air
Collapsing under what they have to bear
I say Hooray for the darling buds of May

        From where I'm standing the swaggering season
        Has rules of its own and needs no reason
        For working in the old fixed forms
        The nth revival of last year's fashions
        Last year's decor and last year's passions
        Looks right in the light of the function it performs

It's a circus with an old familiar ring
Whenever it's come back to town I've found
That it suits me from the sky down to the ground
I see it every time it comes around
I wouldn't hear a word against the spring

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