Nobody Asked You

(Words and music by Pete Atkin)
Nobody asked you what you think, least of all me
I'm fed up with your philosophy
You're gonna wish for my advice 
Next time a crisis gets you on the run
Nobody asked you to assess my lack of morals 
We've had quarrels to excess now it's time to run

But there's no system been devised invented or found
For writing all the words that you say down
You talk a never-ending flow I'd gladly go
If you'd let me say goodbye
But trying to get a word in edgeways isn't in it 
There aren't spaces or any places to even try

God only knows how you breathe in it's not through your mouth
Air only comes out of there it must be through your skin
Or through your nose at the same time
As the gale of talk comes out
I think you ought to see a doctor he'd concoct a 
Reason for the perpetual motion of your mouth

You get through forty fags a day but you never cough
They just burn away down to the tips
And never once approach your lips
I think you ought to try to give it up
Even when you're drinking you don't stop desist or stir
You just make gurgling noises all round your cup

But just to keep the record straight I'm going to state
Even though you're not listening that I am leaving you
This is goodbye please don't protest
No why no but no if
The simple fact is though I love you dearly and I hate to leave you really
But your mother just bores me stiff

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