My Dreams Are Troubled

     D          D+
My dreams are troubled

 Gmaj7             Gm
Full of childhood terrors

 D             D+
Doubled and redoubled

 C            A7
Catalogues of errors

Bm              Bb+
The scares and worries

        G                     Gm
Of the years are flares and flurries

E7     Bb    D     A7
In my mind's eye

     D        D+
The fuss and bother

Gmaj7              Gm
Things I couldn't put right

D             D+
Whole days together

        C              A7
When I couldn't put a foot right

Bm              Bb
And still they haunt me

        G                  Gm
In my dreams they come to taunt me

E7          Bb    D    A7
Through my mind's eye

              D              D+
        They say before you die

                        Gmaj7         Gmaj7(b5)
        Your life goes by before your eyes

                   F#m                 F    A7
        I must be dying in my sleep

            D               D+
        I knew that every thought and deed

           Gmaj7         Gmaj7(b5)
        Of every single day

        Was in the mind to stay

                 Gm(maj7)    Gm7(b5)
        Well I knew it in a way

               E7              F               A      Em    A7
        But I didn't know that it could go so very deep

     D      D+
The sudden waking

Gmaj7                Gm
Is something you get used to

    D          D+
My hands are shaking

     C              A7
You see what I'm reduced to

Bm           Bb+
I'd like to be where

     E7                Gm
The light was less on me where

         D             Bm   
I'd be free of what I see there

   E7  Bb    D
In my mind's eye

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