Worlds Apart

(Words and music by Pete Atkin)
There are times when it's hard to know how to come away
When it seems that our worlds are the same in a way
And though I'd be happy to join you and stay
For the purposes of living every day

I go around in my self-contained world
My own trumpet sounding, my own flag unfurled
And on high, so the sky 
Can see that it's me alone, right or wrong

I live without you, my mind is too full
To be thinking about you, the wool's 
Nowhere near my eyes, I surprise 
Myself at how well I do get along

     For I sleep solidly right through the night
     I would keep extraneous dreams out of sight
     But the fact is I don't dream at all
     At least nothing that I can recall

     And when I see you my voice is calm
     There's no uneasiness in my hello
     Our worlds coincide and collide without harm
     To either of us as far as I know

For when I am with you my own world's still the same
And it's easy to do and to say what I came
To say, still I come away 
Feeling I forgot something I forgot to say

So if in your world you should come upon me
Mine's the flag that's unfurled, mine's the trumpet, top C
Maybe then I will end 
My solo pretence of trying to be cool and too wise
And I'll let you pull the wool over my eyes

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