Ask Me Now

(Words and music by Pete Atkin)
We used to walk in the spring when the winds blew warm and the blossom was snowing
You looked at me like a child, asked me questions of the land where I said we were going
I'd smile and I'd say 
I'll tell you one day
Ask me now

Summer came blue on gold on green as we lay and stared past the sun
You asked all the questions I wanted to hear but I never answered one
I thought I knew what to say
But the words just floated away
Ask me now

We found a place in the autumn where we could watch the leaves tumbling
You asked me what did it mean when you heard the distant thunder rumbling
The dying sun told the end of the day
I couldn't think of a thing to say
Ask me now

In the winter we parted for ever as though there'd be no other season
You looked at me like a child again and you asked me for a reason
I didn't know what to say
As you walked crying away
Ask me now

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