As If I Cared

(Words and music by Pete Atkin)
As if I cared
As if anyone could love you
For if anybody loved you 
The chances are you'd never see

As if I cared
As if you knew how to be cruel
Your lack of reason to be cruel 
Would look like kindness but not to me

     There is nothing I can blame or forgive you for
     A love that never lived can never die
     The happy things you might have been will outlive you
     So I can smile as I sigh

As if I cared
It's not as if I've lost direction
But I can see now on reflection
That it would certainly be true

That if I cared
I would have come off much the poorer
But if anything I'm surer 
That what I do not need is you

     How can it matter since I never ever loved you
     I saw the truth of you right from the start
     I would be crying if I'd ever loved you
     But my head ruled my heart

And now I've dared
To try to fall in love with someone new
But I still feel as if I cared for you
I still feel as if I cared for you

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