Search And Destroy

Chord transcription by Ian Chippett:

Am                     Ab+           C(G)
I'm glad to say we're mopping up up here
                   Am(F#)           F
I'm sending you today's report in clear
                E      E7    A
Security's no problem now at all
D7                     G11             C
You just pick up the phone and make a call

          Ab                           Bb                Eb
     We should have done all this back at the beginning
     Ab                  Bb                    Cm
     And never let the clowns think they were winning

C /// Gm7(C) / Dm7(C) / (twice)

C                    Gm7(C)     Dm7(C) C
We took a month to crack their second man
                          Gm7(C) Dm7(C)  C
But when he talked the strudel  hit the fan
                 Gm7      Dm7(C) C
He named eleven leaders who we shot
                        Gm7(C)   Dm7(C)      Am
And then the top guy's girl who we've still got
                         Ab+            C(G)
The chick was tough and held out for a week
                       Am(F#)           F
But spilled a bibful when we made her speak
               E             E7        A
We picked his mother up and worked on her
D7                G11                C
He came in on his own and there you were

     We should have nailed the first ones when we found them
     Before all the mystique built up around them

We never gave the local heat a chance
To get him on their own and make him dance
We did him in up-country, bombed the cave
And made the whole damn mountainside his grave
The faithful talk some wishful-thinking cock
About a spook who rolls away the rock
At which point golden boy walks out alive
We're bumping them all off as they arrive

     And that winds up this dreary exhibition
     A total waste of time and ammunition

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