The Beautiful Changers

by Ben Coulson  -  parody based on "The Beautiful Changes" by Pete Atkin/Clive James
A green patch of grass near to Monyash it seems
Has become Midnight Voices new "Field Of Dreams"
As the marquee goes up and the whole field teems
With a group called The Beautiful Changers

When the man with a dream had suggested they play
The songs of Pete Atkin and perform on the day
A Kind of Svengali in his own special way
And the Beautiful songs are the hardest

Now the loveliest music that Pete ever made
Has found a new niche where it never will fade
In the record collections of the Voices brigade
And the songs of The Beautiful Changers

They pulled into the field heading straight for the bar
Had a drink-cum-rehearsal then slept 'neath the stars
All wond'ring which song was the best one by far
'Cause the Beautiful songs are the hardest

And that afternoon when they each took their turn
Rememb'ring the chords that they'd struggled to learn
And showing their skills that had helped them to earn
A place in The Beautiful Changers

In the hot summer sun with the bees and the birds
The singers tried hard to remember the words
Whilst gazing at sheep as they grazed in their herds
For The Beautiful songs are the hardest

With gaps in the fabric to let in the breeze
The marquee held all of the Voices with ease
As the band on the stage, all so eager to please
Said "We are The Beautiful Changers"

There's a fine line between being OK and great
To please the adoring or appease the irate
When the drums come in early and you come in late
Then you know the good songs are the hardest

Some may say that ours is an unusual game
With an unusual image and an unusual name
But no two musicians are ever the same
And everyone said they were glad that they came
To hear The Beautiful Changers
To hear The Beautiful Changers

To hear Pete Atkin and The Beautiful Changers.

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