Ice-Cream Man

Chord transcription by Gerry Smith

Intro: Bbm6, Am7, Bbm6, Am7, Bbm6, Am7, Gsus4/D

G                  Am7
This afternoon the ice-cream man

    Bbm6          G
Has driven his magnetic van

     F             Em
From Angkor Wat or Isfahan

        A7          C  D      Dsus4
To park down by the meadows

G                Bbm6
The captain of a pirate ship

   Am7               Em
He struggles hard to keep his grip

     C             F
With cannonades of strawb'ry whip

  Bb                  Eb7       Gsus4/D  G
Delivered through the windows

G                 Am7
A British Bedford Dormobile

Bbm6               G
Done over pink for eye appeal

     F                Em
With rainbow discs on every wheel

   A7            C D     Dsus4
It makes a magic wagon

  G             Bbm6
A mass of metal glorified

Am7           Em
Sesame thrown open wide

    C            F
And this amazing man inside

   Bb          Eb7      Gsus4/D  G
Fantastic as a dragon

G                   Am7
It must be standing on tiptoe

    Bbm6           G
And reaching up to trade your dough

    F               Em
For scoops of Technicolor snow

     A7                 C  D    Dsus4
That makes the man look royal

G                Bbm6
To me he looks a normal bloke

       Am7            Em
With a second line in lukewarm Coke

C             F
Busting for a decent smoke

   Bb                 Eb7    Gsus4/D   G
To break the round of toil

G                  Am7
I guess I've got a jaundiced eye

    Bbm6           G
The children never spot the lie

        F               Em
They're queueing up and reaching high

    A7                    C   D     Dsus4
For something that tastes lovely

G                 Bbm6
Neapolitan wafers make the day

    Am7            Em
The king is in his castle gay

    C                  F
And they're behind him all the way

  Bb              Eb7       Gsus4/D  G
Below me they're above me

G                Am7
Who'd guess from how they make a meal

     Bbm6               G
With darting tongue and teeth of steel

       F              Em
From a mess of frigid cochineal

     A7                C  D     Dsus4
That they were born to sorrow

G                Bbm6
Gone to dust the age of kings

Am7                Em
Lost the taste for simple things

   C               F
If only time would give me wings

    Bb            Eb7      Gsus4/D  G
I'd double back tomorrow

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