Photos from the Midnight Voices summer garden party ("FoD 99")

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Pete's afternoon 'songwriting workshop' led directly into his superb 'cover versions' set. Photos by Paul Gunningham.
Album cover shot? (Paul G)
(detail -- click for full view)
The day after. View of the marquee from the camping field (photo Frankie Gunningham).
The Beautiful Changers in action with Rain-Wheels during the first afternoon set. Left to right: Ian Sorensen (kbd), Sylfest Muldal (ac gtr), Dr Strangelove (guest voc), John Denton (dms), Roy Brown (bs gtr). The other band members were playing but are out of shot here (as, fortunately, were the weapons of the audience). Massed vocals on Beware of the Beautiful Stranger. From left, Paul Gunningham, John Denton, Ian Sorensen, Strangelove, Ben Coulson, Roy Brown, Sylfest Muldal and Leslie Moss. Bandmaster and electric guitarist Richard Corfield is seated behind Paul.

Photos by Roger Cornwell.

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