Rattlesnake Rock

Lyric by Clive James, music by Pete Atkin

[ Verses in BLUE omitted
from Live Libel version

I gotta file my teeth and glue fish-scales on my tongue
I gotta grease my hair from a tub of orang-utan dung
I gotta stay outrageous even if I can't stay young

Rattlesnake Rock, let it roll
Rattlesnake Rock, let if roll
There's a hole in my sock, there's a slide-rule in my soul

I pull open my shirt and climb into my sling-back heels
And my aerosol eczema tingles before it congeals
On my chicken-bone chest in a blaze of pimples and weals

I gotta stretch of thigh peepiní coyly through my pants
And my showís planned out like an armoured divisionís advance
Iím against the law – including the law of chance

I foam at the mouth in spasms of sadistic rage
When I'm burning a baby and eating the ashes on stage
And screwing a skunk through a hole in the back of its cage

So letís start the smoke and turn on the old strobe light
Ten thousand kids will be dying of boredom tonight
And tomorrow Iíll tell the papers they died of fright

Rattlesnake Rock, let it roll, kill your mother
Rattlesnake Rock, let if roll, rape your brother
There's a hole in my sock, there's a slide-rule in my soul

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