Singer In Town

Intro:                                                           |F ///|F ///|F ///|F ///|
                                                                 |F ///|F ///|F ///|F ///|
I never will remember how that singer came to town               |F ///|Gm///|
He walked in without a murmur, set his amp up, settled down      |F ///|Gm///|
A minor masterclass in self-effacement                           |F/Am/|Dm///| ////|
Some thought the sound was piped up from the basement            |Bb///|F ///|
                                                                 |F ///|F ///|F ///|
He wasn't badgered daily to grace Top of the Pops                |F ///|Gm///|
In fact his discs were hard to find in all the record shops      |F ///|Gm///|
And though there were some rumours of sessions for John Peel     |F ///|F/Am/|Dm///|////|
I still can't be sure if they were real                          |Bb///|F ///|
                                                                 |F ///|F ///|F ///|
He wasn't chased by groupies for a bedpost filed notch           |F ///|Gm///|
And drought or not, a hosepipe ban extended to his crotch        |F ///|Gm///|
So people didn't worship or revere him                           |F/Am/|Dm///| ////|
And I can't remember ever going to hear him                      |Bb///|F ///|
                                                                 |F ///|F ///|F ///|
From Hitchin to Hunstanton, from Builth Wells to Bunessan        |F ///|Gm///|
His name meant almost nothing, and it didn't snare a fan         |F ///|Gm///|
He toured the clubs and venues, untouched by mass acclaim        |F ///|F/Am/|Dm///|////|
And I still can't recollect his name                             |Bb///|F ///|
                                                                 |F ///|F ///|F ///|
I never could remember when that singer called it quits          |F ///|Gm///|
When he finally decided there would be no 'Greatest Hits'        |F ///|Gm///|
And eschewing fame, that fickle-eyed seducer                     |F/Am/|Dm///| ////|
Went off to be........                                           |Bb///|Bb///|Bb///|Bb///|
     (I'll leave that line to you, sir)                          |Bb///|F ///|    ||

Parody lyric by Roy Brown (sing to the Pete Atkin tune "Stranger In Town")
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