Stranger In Town

Intro:                                                           |F///|F///|F///|F///|
I never will remember how that stranger came to town             |F///|Gm///|
He walked in without a swagger, got a job and settled down       |F///|Gm///|
The place would have seemed the same without him                 |F/Am/|Dm///|////|
And now I can't recall a thing about him                         |Bb///|F///|
He didn't wear a poncho or a gun with a filed sight              |F///|Gm///|
And he wasn't passing through like a freight-train in the night  |F///|Gm///|
He rarely wore a stetson with a shadowy big brim                 |F///|F/Am/|Dm///|////|
And I still can't be sure if he was him                          |Bb///|F///|
From Kansas to Wyoming, from Contention to Cheyenne              |F///|Gm///|
His name meant less than nothing and it didn't scare a man       |F///|Gm///|
So folks didn't worship him or fear him                          |F/Am/|Dm///|////|
And I can't remember ever going near him                         |Bb///|F///|
He didn't tote a shotgun with the barrels both sawn off          |F///|Gm///|
So people didn't hit the deck or dive behind a trough            |F///|Gm///|
He walked the street in silence ignored on every side            |F///|F/Am/|Dm///|////|
And it's doubtful if he could even ride                          |Bb///|F///|
I never could remember how that stranger met his death           |F///|Gm///|
He was absolutely senile, and with his dying breath              |F///|Gm///|
He forgot to ask his womenfolk to kiss him                       |F/Am/|Dm///|////|
And afterwards                                                   |Bb///|Bb///|Bb///|Bb///|
They didn't even miss him                                        |Bb///|F///|    ||

Chord transcription by Dave Bondy
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