Ballad of an Upstairs Window

(Words and music by Pete Atkin)
I was going to the pictures with my girl at 7.30, got there             |A/E7/|A/E7/|
     first and started queueing on my own                               |A/E7/|A/A7/|
By 9.15 she still had not arrived and so I walked around the            |D/A/|E7/A/|
     block and then I thought I'd telephone                             |D/E7/|A///|////||

I let the phone keep ringing for ten minutes perhaps a quarter of an    |(repeat)|
     hour then concluded she's not home
I thought I'd walk around the block again but soon got fed up wan-
     d'ring aimlessly around all on my own

It was then the thought occurred to me she might have been there all the time, just 
     let the phone keep ringing on its own
In order that I might be led to think that she'd gone out or for some 
     other reason wasn't there at home

Now if for any reason this should prove to be the case I couldn't 
     help but wonder what the cause might be
Perhaps her budgie Goldie had escaped out of the window but in 
     any case I thought I'd go and see

Well the truth is by the time I'd caught the bus down at the corner and arr-
     ived the time was nearly half-past ten
So in order that I shouldn't seem a fool I went into the phone box 
     just outside her house and phoned again

Just as I dialled the number I perceived an upstairs window in her 
     house become illumined by a light
Immediately I replaced the receiver on the bracket and once 
     more I stepped outside into the night

Now I knew her mum and dad had gone to Scotland for the weekend and that 
     she was in the house all on her own
So I presumed it was her brother's motorbike what stood outside the gate al-
     though it's eighteen months since he left home

I felt compelled to cogitate on what was most appropriate in 
     circumstances previously unknown
I reasoned that if she felt tired she wouldn't thank me if I woke her 
     up and so I caught the bus back home

Thanks to Dave Bondy for the chord transcription
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