Uncle Stephen

Parody lyric by Mike Walters -- sing to the tune of Atkin/James song Uncle Sea-Bird.
Performed by Andy Victor at SoD2k.

Uncle Stephen was an Atkin fan
He knew of Pete before our Pete began
The first kid to drop sport to philsophise
He understood the lyrics of ‘No Dice’

When the Road of Silk was still an unmarked track
And the troops of love had not launched their attack
Uncle Stephen tried hard to be nice
When Bernie Taupin asked him for advice

      Uncle Stephen, Uncle Stephen was the chap
      Uncle Stephen, Uncle Stephen was the chap
      Uncle Stephen, Uncle Stephen he cut the crap

When Uncle Stephen set up his home page
A generation really felt its age
His tapes and archives went so far back
He recalled Clive when he was just a London hack

He followed Pete’s career religiously
From RCA through DIY to BBC
Disappointed there was only this much in it
The perfume and suppliance of ‘Just a Minute’

      Chorus thingie

When a snot-nosed little kid called Vivien
Was seeking a sparkling new nom de pen
Uncle Stephen filled his mouth with beer
And ‘Dame Edna!’ he called out to a cheer

‘Thereís a new kid up at John’s you ought to see,’
Said Stephen to the rising Aussie celebrity
‘Your words, his music, you’ll be famous within the year
Trust me, Iím an expert in these matters, Dr Greer.’ 

      Chorus whatsit

The first and greatest festival of all
Was Uncle Stephen’s Monyash ball
They say that several people spent that June
Waiting for the Changers to get in tune

Roy Brown and Ian Chippett, Leslie Moss
They played as if the audience gave a toss
They played as Uncle Stephen rose to speak
While Mel Powell provided a critique

When Uncle Stephen joined Pete on the stage
He was celebrating 50 years of age
‘This whole routine is just too f...f...’ he sang
And PA’s PA exploded with a bang

      Chorus doodah

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