Doom From A Room

Intro:                           |C///|Bb///|

Like a saint on the fire         |C///|Bb///|
Like a guru's funeral pyre       |Am///|F///|
Just a blur                      |Em///|
Thoughts occur                   |Dm///|
In a slur                        |C///|////||

Like a fog on the bay            |C///|Bb///|
Like a hog washed away           |Am///|F///|
It's a mist                      |Em///|
But the gist                     |Dm///|
Might exist                      |C///|////||

Like a cat on a rail             |C///|Bb///|
Like the next note up the scale  |Am///|F///|
Count to ten                     |Em///|
Pause and then                   |Dm///|
Down again                       |C///|////||

Like a poet in a loft            |C///|Bb///|
Like a sherbet growing soft      |Am///|F///|
Easy now                         |Em///|
You've been a wow                |Dm///|
Take a bow                       |C///|////||

Chord transcription by Dave Bondy
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