Musical Taste Survey 2000

3rd, FINAL VOTE edition, version 2, 13/Nov/00

With all the votes in and counted the verdict is clear. Midnight Voices is made up of a very special breed of music lover. The voting embraced nearly every kind of musical style under the sun. What was interesting (and is not shown by this table) is the way that individual lists usually reflected more than one style at a time, showing the spirit of open-mindedness of the membership. There was a clear sense of continuous evolution - an original core of musical taste growing and developing constantly over the years (and some of us certainly go back a few years!)

Don't try to make too much of this data. Some respondants specified only a genre or school, which has not been listed here. Some made vague generalizations, and others made good use of 'etc' so their answers may not be a full reflection of their taste. The table lists only specific artists/groups/composers, not musical styles.

48 members submitted lists; of varying sizes and detail. Some gave quite lengthy notes to accompany the choices, others just sent a list. The lists were printed out and all decipherable names entered alphabetically. Notes have been entered at the editors' discretion. Most conform to the original sender's text, others I have added myself. The names of respondants have been filed off to protect the innocent. Please notify any errors to the author (email below). I have shown my ignorance once or twice when it came to interpreting entries - if you can catch me out please do! I do not claim to know, or even heard of, all of the artists represented, so there is a chance I may get it wrong.

I am not enough of a psychologist to explain this bit: More than 30% of those who answered put something along the lines of "... my choices will throw off the curve...." - and none of them did! The plain and simple fact is that every response showed a level of diversity and depth of interest that is far and away beyond anything I have ever come across before. In this group 'exotic' is 'normal'. I hate to think how far off left-field you would have to go to be 'weird' in The Midnight Voices. Another stand-out statistic is the high number of respondants with email addresses within the education sector. Make of that what you will. Perhaps we are not all balding 'IT' types after all? The Number of Votes column should be self-explanatory.

One aspect that caused me to pause was the way so many artists are linked so intimately to earlier groups - Pete Hammill and Van der Graaf Generator for example. Voters often mentioned them more as one than as two seperate choices, indicating a sense of continuity. I have generally listed them both individually, noting the link. When I have time I will try to do more with the data. In the meantime bask in the glow you will get when you realise what well-rounded people you mix with..

I would not like this table to become a source of merriment or derision among us. The choices shown here are sincere expressions of enjoyment, and not open for ridicule.

My own choices are included, but with little indication of 'ownership'. I voted first, to avoid being influenced by the incoming lists.

...The Elephant Child never can get enough answers to satisfy his 'satiable curtiosity. This exercise has provided answers, but ten times more questions - such as "...what the heck is a 'bowed bicycle wheel'?!"

Thank you for not spanking me for asking what the midnight voicer has for dinner! Bless you, oh best beloved.

This web page is lovingly dedicated to the memory of Julie London.
Thank you for the peace of mind your voice brought to me at the end of many a hard day.

The alphabetical(ish) order
Group/Artist/Composer Votes Notes:
Adams, Ryan2
Akkerman, Jan1
The Albion Band2
The Amazing Rhythm Aces1
Amitri, Del1
Amon Duul 21
And One1
Andrews, Harvey2
Andrews, Julie1
Anonymous 41
Apoptygma Berzerk1
Arden, Jan1
Armatrading, Joan1
Armstrong, Louis ('Satchmo')1
Audience1(specifically the '70s one with Howard Werth)
Avant Garde1
Aziza Mustafa Zadeh1
Bach, J.S.11Three voters gave special mention to specific works
Badly Drawn Boy1
Baez, Joan1
Baker, Anita1
The Band1
Barber, Chris1
Barclay James Harvest1
Barenaked Ladies3
The Beach Boys1
The Beat Farmers1
The Beatles8One voter expressed additional liking for 'Rutles' album, another specially mentioned 'The Magical Mystery Tour' (US import on Capitol) [is this the same as the new CD release? EDITOR]
Beborn Beton1
The Bee Gees1(early)
Beer, Phil1
Beethoven, Ludwig van4One voter specified 'The 9th Symphony'
Belle, Marie-Paule1
Ben Folds Five1
Bebop Deluxe1
Betjeman, Sir John2(The words&music recordings with Jim Parker) Editors Note: I first heard this on (gulp) The John Peel Show!
Big Star1
Bilk, Acker - Paramount Jazz Band1
Blodwyn Pig1(voter specified 'Getting to this')
Blunstone, Colin1
Bonzo Dog Band2
Bottine Souriante, La1(voter specified 'Rock and Reel'
Bowie, David3
Brady, Paul1
Bragg, Billy2
Brahms, Johannes1
Brel, Jacques2
Brinsley Schwarz1(not 100% sure of spelling!)
Brown, Greg1
Browne, Duncan1
Browne, Jackson4
Brubeck, Dave1
Bruce, Jack1
Bruford, Bill2(voter specified ALL non-Yes/King Crimson work)
Bruntnell, Peter2
Buchanan, Roy1
Buckley, Tim1
Buffalo Tom1
Butterworth, George1(special mention for 'The Banks of green Willow')
Cabrel, Francis1
Cale, J.J.1
California Guitar Trio1
Campbell, Glenn1
Caravan6(one voter stated "except 'Waterloo Lily'", another gave special mention to 'In the land of grey and pink')
Carlos, Wendy (formerly Walter)1
Carpenter, Mary Chapin3
Carthy, Martin2
The Cate Brothers1
Cave, Nick1
Cetera, Peter1
Chapin, Harry2
The Chieftains2
Chemical Brothers1
Cipollina, John1
Clapton, Eric2(One voter specified 'Unplugged' - not sure this meant the Album, or a preference for his acoustic work in general)
The Clash2
Clinton, George1
Clooney, Rosemary1(voter specified pre-Concord work)
Cobalt 601
Cohen, Leonard2
Collective soul1
Coltrane, John1
Colyer, Ken1
Colvin, Shawn2
Cooder, Ry3
Coope, Boyes and Simpson1
Copland, Aaron1
The Corries1
Costello, Elvis5(one respondant specified '1st half dozen albums')
Cousins, Dave1One voter linked him with The Strawbs in one vote
Counting Crows1
Coward, Noel1
Croce, Jim2
Crosby, 'Bing'1
Crosby, Stills and Nash1
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young1
Crowded House1
Cutler, Adge (& the Wurzels)1(The original band)
Daily Planet1
Dando Shaft1
David Bromberg Band1
Davis, Miles4(one respondant specified " all up to 'Bitches Brew'", another specified 'In a silent way' & 'Kind of Blue')
Debussy, Claude5
Deep Purple1
The Del Fuegos1
The Delgados1
Dempsey, Kevin1
Denny, Sandy5
Depeche Mode1
di Meola, Al2(one voter specified 'The Infinite Desire')
Donegan, Lonnie2
The Doobie Brothers1special mention for 'What were once vices are now habits'
Drake, Nick2
The Dransfields1
Dream Theater1
The Drifters1
Durutti Column1
Dury, Ian1
Dylan, Bob8
Dyson, George1"The Canterbury Pilgrims"
The Eagles1
Earle, Steve2
Edmunds, Dave1
Electric Light Orchestra2
Elegant Machinery1
Ellington, Duke2
Emerson, Keith1(specifically in ELP and The Nice)
Everly Brothers1
Fairport Convention5
The Fifth Dimension1
Fisher Z1
Fitzgerald, Ella1
The Flaming Lips1
Flanders and Swann2
Fleetwood Mac3(ALL THREE respondants specified 'early'!)
Foley, Ellen1
The Four Season1
The Four Tops1
Franklin, Aretha1
Front 2421
Gable, Bill1
Gabriel, Peter2
Gallagher, Rory1
Garfunkel, Art1(especial vote for his interpretations of Jimmy Webb)
Garner, Errol1
Gaugin, Dick2
Gaye, Marvin1
Genesis3one voter specified up to, and including, 'Selling England...'
Gentle Giant3
George, Lowell1(both solo and with Little Feat)
Gershwin, George1(not sure if this covers George and/or Ira)
Gilbert & Sullivan1
Gillespie, Dizzy1
Giltrap, Gordon1
Gomez, Marie1
The Grateful Dead2
The Green Pajamas1
Gregson, Clive1
Grey, Richard1
Griffith, Nanci2
Grossman, Stefan1
Hackett, Steve2
Hallett, Sylvia1
Hammill, Peter2see also van der Graaf Generator
Hansson, Bo1
Harper, Roy1
Harris, Emmylou5(one voter specified 'early'
Harrison, George1
Haslam, Annie2See also 'Renaissance'
Hatfield and the North1
Havens, Richie2
Hawkins, Colman1
Hedges, Michael1
Hellberg, Per1
Hendrix, Jimi3
Hitchcock, Robyn1"... with or without the Eygptians"
The Hollies2(early)
Holly, Buddy2
Holst, Gustav1
Hornsby, Bruce1
The Housemartins1
The Humblebums1
Incredible String Band4
Innes, Neil1
Iron Maiden1
Jayhawks/Mark Olsen2(joined in one list given)
Jethro Tull4(one voter specified 'Benefit', and another specified "only up to and including Aqualung")
John, Elton1(early)
Jones, Nic3
Joplin, Janis1
Joy Division1
Joy of cooking1
Keen, Speedy1
Kelly, Jonathan2
King, Carole1
King Crimson4(one voter specified 1974 live line-up)
The Kinks1
Knopfler, Mark1
Kottke, Leo2
Krall, Diana1
Kristina, Sonja1(Both as solo and with Curved Air)
Lavin, Christine2
Led Zeppelin2
Lehrer, Tom6
Lewis, George1
The Light Crust Dough Boys1
London, Julie1
Lovin' Spoonful2
Lowe, Jez2
Lynne, Shelby1
Lynyrd Skynyrd2(voter specified Ronnie van Zant period)
McLaughlin, John2(one voter joined him with Mahavishnu Orchestra)
McLean, Don1
McTell, Ralph1
MacColl, Ewan1
MacColl, Kirsty1
McCutcheon, Martine1
McGarrigle, Kate and Anna1
Madder Rose1
Magna Carta1
Mahavishnu Orchestra1(one voter joined John McLaughlin with group)
Mahler, Gustav1
The Mamas and the Papas2
Mann, Aimee1
Mangione, Chuck1
Marra, Michael1
Martyn, John5(one voter specified acoustic material only)
Mazzy Star1
The Mekons1
Mel C1
Metheny, Pat1
Mitchell, Joni10(one voter specified 'early', another gave special mention to 'Hissing of Summer Lawns', one specified "only up to and including Blue")
The Modern Jazz Quartet1
The Moody Blues2
Moore, Christy1
Morris, Carmel1**MVer, yet to release a CD, but already with a following.**
Morrison, Van5
Moxy Fruvous1
Mozart4(one voter specified 'Synfonia Concertante')
The Mutton Birds1
Nardini, Peter1
Neutral Milk Hotel1
Nesmith, Mike (Michael)1
New Order1(up to 'Brotherhood')
Newman, Randy3
No Small Dreams1
Noxx, Sara1
Nucleus1(voter specified 'Elastic rock')
Numan, Gary1
Nyro, Laura1
Oldfield, Mike3
Oldham, Will1
Orange Juice1
Otway, John1
The Oyster Band1
P.F.M (Premiata Forneria Marconi)1
Parker, Graham - and the Rumour1
Parsons, Alan1
Penguin Cafe Orchestra1
Phillips, Shawn1
Pink Floyd2
The Pogues1
The Police1
Presley, Elvis1
Pretty Things1
Previn, Dory4
Price, Alan1
Prior, Maddy1
Procul Harem1
Pucinni, Giacomo2
Quicksilver Messenger Service1
Rachmaninov, Sergei2(one voter specified 'Isle of the Dead')
Racing Cars1
Radiohead1(OK Computer)
Rafferty, Gerry3(one voter said "City to City, anyway")
Raitt, Bonnie1
Rare Bird1
Redding, Otis1
Reichel, Hans1
Reid, Terry1
Renaissance4(see also Annie Haslam)
Renbourn, John1
Return to Forever1
Rhodes, Emitt1
Rich, Buddy1
Riley, Howard1
Robeson, Paul1
Robinson, Smokey2
Rodgers, Richard & Hart, Larry1
Rodney Rude1
Rodrigues, Virgina1
Rogers, Stan1
Rossinni1(The thieving magpie)
Roxy Music1
Rundgren, Todd2(one voter specified 'early')
Rusby, Kate2
The Rutles1(see note for 'The Beatles'
Satie, Eric2
Savage Garden1
Scaggs, Boz1
Scarlatti, Domenico11685-1725
Schubert, Franz1
Schumann1(Piano Impromptus)
Scot, Colin1
Second Decay1
Sensational Alex Harvey Band1
The Sex Pistols2
The Shadows1
Show of Hands2
Simon, Paul6
Simon & Garfunkel4
Simone, Nina1
Sinatra, Frank5
Six Hands in Tempo1
Sixteen Horsepower1
The Small Faces1
Smith, Judge1
The Smiths1
The Soft Machine1(voter specified 'Third' & 'Softs')
Sondheim, Steven1
Split Enz1
Spock's Beard1
Springsteeen, Bruce1
Steeleye Span3(one voter specified 'early)
Steely Dan8
Stewart, Al3(on voter specified 'Year of the Cat')
The Strawbs5(see also Cousins, Dave)
Sweeney's men1
Tabor, June1
Talking Heads2
Tanaka1(traditional japanese instrumental)
Tangerine Dream1("well, the live stuff, anyway")
Taylor, Allan1
Taylor, James2
The Teardrop Explodes1
Teenage Fan CLub1
10 c.c.1
Terry and the Pirates1
Thackray, Jake6
Thompson, Linda2(2 respondants listed her with Richard, but here listed as an artist in her own right)
Thompson, Richard7
Thorogood, George1
Tilston, Steve1
Tippett, Keith1(one voter specified 'Dedicated to you but you weren't listening')
Tir Na Nog1
Torme, Mel1
Townshend, Pete1
Trout, Walter1
Tuck and Patty1
Tyrrell, Gordon1
Tyson, Ian and Sylvia1
Tzuke, Judie3
The Undertones2
Van der Graaf Generator2(..both linked to Peter Hammill's solo albums.)
Vega, Suzanne2One voter specified "1st two albums only"
Vinegar Joe1
Vivaldi1(One specified NOT 'The Four Seasons', another wanted ONLY the 'Four Seasons'! another gave special mention to 'Concerto for strings in G minor')
VNV Nation1
Wagner, Richard4(one voter specified 'Tristan and Isolde' only)
Wainwright III, Loudon2
Wakeman, Rick1(1 voter did not specify which Wakeman, assumed to be Rick.)
Waldren, Michael1
The Wallflowers1
Walker, Scott1
The Waterboys2
Webb, Marti1
Wedlock, Fred1
Welch, Gillian1
Westerburg, Paul1
Whiskeytown/Ryan Adams2(joined in one list given)
The Who2
Williams, Paul1
Wyatt, Robert1
Yearwood, Trisha1
Yes4(one voter specified 1st four albums only)
Young, James1
Young, Neil4(one voter specified 'Ragged Glory')
Zappa, Frank3(one voter specified 'The Yellow Shark','Hot Rats'
Zevon, Warren2
The Zombies1
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