Doom .WAD of St John's College, Cambridge

(Substitute Page)

This .WAD file was collected from a since-vanished site on the Web. The original page, at

as I recall included some background on the author of the .WAD, its inspiration and the accuracy of the representation. Alas I didn't save this information, but the .WAD itself survived on my son's PC. So I can once again make it available for download, with this minimal acknowledgement to the forgotten author.

If you are he (or she), or know him (or her) or the whereabouts of any Website which has taken over from the original, and happen to be reading this, please let me know. If you own the .WAD and object to its publication here, please advise and it will be removed immediately.

Otherwise feel free to download it here.

For the sake of the mystified, a .WAD file (I'm told) defines the map of a combat region, including layout, textures, locations of tools and adversaries in "Doom", the popular 3D survive-or-slaughter game.

"... any model world that breaks apart falls together again ..." -- Becker, Fagen

-- Steve Birkill --

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