Senior Citizens

G                Am7           D
You've seen the way they get around
      D7             Am7             G
With nothing beyond burdens left to lose
      G                Am7                  F
The drying spine that bends them near the ground
              F           Em           Eb
The way their ankles fold over their shoes
        Eb9      Abmaj7    Bbm9           Cm   Eb9
They've had their day and half of the day after
    Abmaj7              Bbm9  Cm      Dm7
And all the shares they ever held in laughter
Dm7      Fm      D7          Gm
Are now just so many old engravings
       G                  G7                Cm
Their sands have run out long before their savings
         Ab             Bdim            D   D7
And the fun ran out so long before the sands
      G                   Am7            D
They lost touch with the touch of other hands
     D7               Am7             G
That once came to caress and then to help
   G             Am7            F
A single tumble means a broken hip
                 Em             Eb  Eb9
The hair grows thinner on the scalp
  Abmaj7    Bbm9          Cm
And thicker on the upper lip
     Ab             Bdim               D     Am7  D7
And who is there to care, or left to please?

      G  Am7             D   D7 
It's so easy when we're young
           Am7            G   D7
For me to wield a silver tongue
      G          Am7     F
And cleverly place you among
               Em       A7      D   Am7  D7
The girls the boys have always sung

      G  Am7              D   D7
It's so simple when it's you
           Am7             G   D7
For me to coax from my guitar
      G          Am7      F
The usual on how fine you are
       Em                    Eb
Like this calm night, like that bright star

Eb7     Abmaj7     Bbm7   Cm
And the rest would follow on
Ab                    D   Am7   D7
The rest would follow on

G                Am7           D
And there'll be time to try it all
D7             Am7              G
I'm sure the thrill will never pall
D7   G                Am7      F
The sand will take so long to fall
     Em                 Eb       C
The neck so slim, the glass so tall
     Em                 Eb  D11  G
The neck so slim, the glass so tall

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