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(Message started by: S J Birkill on Today at 18:11)

Title: "Short" menu item
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 18:11
Need to keep up with MV posts? Intimidated by the "Boards" menu? Try "Short"!

In recent times, MV has become a 'check back occasionally' destination for Web browsers. For many, no longer does it feature as a permanent tab, and some are only reminded to visit the site when a new Atkin/James post appears on Facebook.

As a result, the MV user interface is unfamiliar to many of our members and visitors.

A long time ago I introduced the "Short" button on the menu bar. Instead of the traditional forum-type 'Boards' menu, this expands the so-called 'Information Summary' section to occupy the full area of the Forum window, so visitors can see at a glance the titles and authors of the last 35 or so posts (or 75-ish if you have a large screen), and 250 by scrolling the window. Links at the bottom of the window increase the scrolling range to show the most recent 1000, or the entire history of Web Forum postings.

Try it -- you might prefer it.

Stephen J Birkill, Administrator

Title: Re: "Short" menu item
Post by Carole on Today at 18:23
I use the 'Short' menu all the time. It's a great feature!


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